September Empties 

Hi guys, gals and non-binary pals!

Another month has ended and it’s time for another post talking about all of the rubbish that I’ve accumulated over this month! A lot of this stuff is just items that I wanted to move out of my collection to help me use up more of my products without feeling overwhelmed by my options, which I know seems wasteful but it’s a lesson learned. I hope that you enjoy the post!


This month, I finally managed to finish up one of my project pan items, my MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Vintage Selection! I really liked this paint pot but I’ve learned now that I prefer to have a matte base rather than a pearlised finish. It really helped to keep my shadows on and looking beautiful though, much better than the one that I’m currently using.

I also finished up some staples, like my Covergirl Super Sizer mascara and Maybelline Fit Me concealer. I haven’t repurchased either because I have others that I want to finish first but I do love both. I do however have many back ups of the Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner, which I finished this month as well.

I’m parting with my Australis Fake Eye-D palette, despite still liking it. I just don’t need it, honestly. The packaging is bulky and the few colours that I really like, I have in other palettes or as singles. I still think it’s a great palette so if there is still some hanging around the place, I’d pick it up.

I finished a few hair care items this month and I’m really proud of myself because I never really looked after my hair until I got it cut short about a month or two ago. I coloured my hair with a limited edition Schwarzkopf Topaz hair dye and the colour is really pretty. They have the same sort of colour in the standard line but I wanted to give this one a go. I didn’t notice any real difference between this colour and my regular shade but it was still fun and I got it on special. I also finished my first Hask hair oil! I used this once a week and it lasted me ages! It made my hair smell really good and made my natural curls look so nice and defined instead of frizzy and unkempt. I have back ups of it and I’m definitely going to keep buying it. It’s cheap and I really like it. I also finished up a Klorane conditioner. I hate how small it is compared to the shampoo but I really like the product so I’ll probably keep buying it despite the fact I go through the product quite quickly.

I also decluttered some old Inglot shadows that I bought maybe 5 years ago now and they just do not perform like they did in the beginning. I also took this opportunity to get rid of some of the coastal scents shadows that I don’t like out of the ones that I picked up. Now I have some room to put new shadows in if I want, although I think I’ll stick to Makeup Geek from now on, or maybe give Colourpop’s powder shadows a shot.

Finally, I decluttered a lot of liquid lipsticks because honestly, I think I prefer bullet lipsticks. I really didn’t like the Gerard Cosmetics formula and the Model Rock one was okay but I would rather a bullet lipstick for that type of shade. The others are just old and needed to be decluttered because I wasn’t going to use them up before their expiration.


I hope that you’re having a great day!

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Au revoir xxx

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