September Favourites

Hi guys, gals and non-binary pals!!

Today I wanted to share all of the things that I loved over September! It was SUCH a wild month for me and I’m still very exhausted from it. I had some really great moments this month and I hope that you enjoy reading what I loved this month!


Eye Primers 4

1. LUSH Smuggler’s Soul Facial Scrub

I received this product from LUSH as part of their Father’s Day limited edition product launch! I absolutely adore this product and I talked about it quite a bit in my review of the collection but I really loved this product. The little scrubby bits were so fine and didn’t hurt my skin at all and the scent was nice. I really wish that it wasn’t a limited time item because it means that you’re unable to get it now but if they bring it back, definitely pick it up. I’m hoping that by talking about it, that might help it come back so that more people can try it!

2. Too Faced Glitter Glue

How did I live for so long without this product?? I’d had this on my wishlist for a really long time and I either didn’t have the funds to ever justify it or I just thought ‘oh I don’t reaaaally need it’ by the time that I did, until my recent trip to Melbourne this month. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about this product. It really holds any pigment, glitter or even shimmer shadow and makes it look so vibrant and perfect. It’s like next level. I’d highly recommend it to anyone that hasn’t tried it. I can’t imagine doing a shimmer look without it!

3. KCON Australia

Just last weekend I was able to attend KCON Australia, the first of it’s kind in Australia. I wrote a whole post about it so you can have a little read about our experience there if you’d like more information about it. I was so happy that I was able to see Monsta X perform live and I think my love for them has really reached another level this month. I think I’m annoying everyone by talking about it so much haha. Definitely check out my post here if you haven’t already!

4. Ready Player One – Ernest Cline

I read this book right at the beginning of the month and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Pretty much everyone at work passed around this book and read it because they are making a movie based on the book and it is set to be released next year! It is set in 2045 and it is a sort of dystopian novel where people play a virtual reality game called OASIS and it is really integrated into most people’s every day life. It is an escape from the horror of the real world. The creator of the game passes away and sends all OASIS users a video message saying that he has set up three easter eggs within the world of OASIS and whoever can complete the puzzles will inherit his fortune and his company. The whole book is filled with 80s references, heavily focused on comic/gaming culture, so if you’re really into gaming, I think that you’d really enjoy this book. Not sure how the book will go being turned into a movie but I’m excited to see it anyway!

5. Midnight Runners

I went to see a screening of Midnight Runners at a Korean Film Festival in my city, this month! I’m a big fan of Park Seo Joon so I knew I had to see this movie, especially when they were putting it on at the cinema. Hopefully it was successful enough here for them to consider putting on more festivals and showing more movies as they’re released. It is about two trainee police officers that see a crime unfold and they make it their mission to solve the crime and save the victims. It is really funny and really sad at the same time. I’d definitely recommend it!


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Au revoir xxx


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