Haul: KCON Australia and Sydney

Hi guys, gals and non-binary pals!

Today I wanted to talk about my recent trip to Sydney for KCON Australia! After going to BTS back in May and knowing that KCON Australia was in the works for the future, I knew I’d be returning to Sydney for another KPOP concert! I brought a big suitcase with me, anticipating many KPOP related purchases but I was, unfortunately, left with a pretty empty suitcase by the end of the trip. I wanted to chat about my thoughts on the first KCON for Australia as well because I enjoyed myself for the most part but there are a few things that I’d have changed.


On the 22nd of September, we arrived in Sydney and got settled into our apartment before heading out to Qudos Stadium for KCON. The convention part had already closed when we arrived so we just stayed for the concert portion of KCON, which was the part that we had to pay for. The concert was fantastic! SF9, Pentagon, Victon, Girl’s Day, and EXO performed and they were all great. I filmed some of the concert, you can watch it here!

The next day, we went shopping for a bit in the city! We went to a whole bunch of different stores, including Gucci, where I felt extremely poor. It was extremely hot on the Saturday and I was wearing skinny jeans so when we went to H&M, I was looking for a skirt or shorts to change into. I ended up picking up a pink jumper and a scuba suit material skirt! I never would have picked it up because it is a more structured mini-skirt and because I am really paranoid about my butt, I usually opt for flowy skirts that go to my knee but I ended up really liking it, especially paired with my Monsta X shirt that I wanted to wear for the concert! We also stopped in Myer and I picked up a holographic print Guess shirt, which I really like!

Here is some of the food that I ate on this day!


After lunch, we made our way down to Qudos Stadium for the convention portion of KCON and honestly, we were a little disappointed. When we arrived, there was nothing left to purchase and there was nothing to do. You could get your makeup done by makeup artists for free, but my makeup was already done. You could do a dance lesson or try on a hanbok but they were both packed with people and I was in a mini skirt so they were both not really options. So we just waited 5 hours until the concert hahaha. We all wished we’d just spent more time in the city and explored what we wanted to. It was a real waste of the day time. So I guess my one request for next KCON Australia would be maybe more activities and more merch because I was really sad to not have been able to walk away with even a KCON branded tshirt with the line up on it!

The concert part was incredible though! Monsta X were especially excellent and in one of the games they played, they proposed to a girl in the audience!! I was so jealous! They’re all so cute. I was really surprised by Wanna One, I’d only heard Energetic prior to the concert and they were really fantastic! Here is the video from Day 2!

On our last day in Sydney, we went to the claw machines behind Capitol Theatre and I won a little soft toy! I don’t really know what it is but it reminds me of the oysters from the Walrus and the Carpenter story in Alice in Wonderland. And then at the airport, I went to Bath and Body Works for the first time and picked up some body lotions, hand creams and hand sanitisers! I plan on making a separate post about the times that I picked up so if you were interested in exactly what I got and what I think of them, look out for that post in the future!


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