Haul: Melbourne Trip

Hi guys, gals and non-binary pals!

Today, I wanted to share some things from my recent trip to Melbourne! It was my Nonna’s 70th birthday and my Mum, Aunt, Nonna and I took a trip to Melbourne to celebrate! We were there for four days and did some serious shopping. I really hope that you enjoy this post!


I hadn’t been to Melbourne for about 10 years so I couldn’t even remember what it looked like! My Nonna and Aunt were pretty much our guides because they’d been more recently. On our first day, we started by checking out Cafe Brunetti because we heard their cakes were amazing and they did not disappoint!


We then took the tram to Harbor Town, which was a little dead because they were doing renovations on the majority of the complex, which we weren’t aware of when we went down there. I didn’t find anything that I wanted to buy there but I did get to pat some Borzoi!

The next day, we hit up the Victoria Markets! I am not the biggest fan of these types of markets because I feel like you could just go down one eisle and essentially see everything they have available. However, I did have a lot of fun with my family because we were all giggling and being silly trying things on and enjoying spending time together. My family all bought a cheap ring but I couldn’t find any for myself so I felt left out in the junk buying but then I stumbled across a store that was selling natural crystals and crystal jewellery and my Mum and I bought rings and then convinced my Aunt to purchase one too! I bought a ruby in zoisite ring, my Mum got an amethyst ring and my Aunt got an aventurine ring! They’re so pretty.

We then walked down to DFO to check out the sales there. I didn’t realise that’s where the Estee Lauder Corporate Store was so that was cool to learn! Next time I happen to acquire an invitation, I will know exactly where to go. I loved seeing bits and pieces from older limited edition collections.

I purchased some shoes from Skechers for $19! I was so chuffed! I had to ask the sales assistant if it was $19 or $19 off the retail price!


The next day, we hit up Melbourne CBD and I was very excited because I felt as though I’d have better luck finding things I liked in the city and not at the discount stores. We stopped for some brunch at the Hopetoun Tea Rooms, which were absolutely stunning. I felt so under dressed eating there.

I purchased a dress and jumper from the pop up Dangerfield discount store, as well as a floral shirt from H&M. Once we’d finished in town, we made our way down to St Kilda for a late lunch.

We wandered around Luna Park and took some funny photos.


On our last day, we made our way to Cook’s Cottage, which was surprisingly a lot of fun. We got to dress up in costumes from the 1700s and I got lots of fun pictures. I think this was probably one of best moments in our trip.

We also visited the conservatory next door and the flowers were so beautiful! I think my Aunt and I just took it as a good opportunity to talk selfies with pretty flowers haha.

We went back through Melbourne Central Station and I visited Sephora and Mecca Maxima. I checked out Fenty Beauty, which was pretty nuts. I can’t see myself picking up anything from the line just yet, except maybe the foundation if I one day become curious about it. At Mecca, I picked up the Too Faced Glitter Glue, a mini Philosophy’s Purity Cleanser and another mini Mecca Cosmetica Facial Sun Screen. All items that had been on my wishlist for quite some time.

And that was my trip to Melbourne! I had a great time and I can’t wait to go interstate this weekend! I’m sure I’ll write a recap post for that trip as well!!

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Au revoir xxx

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