Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Dupes

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Prior to the reviews and the online catastrophe that was the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette, I really wanted to purchase this palette. I adore the shades and it’s very different to anything that I currently own. This palette had a lot of tones that I thought would be much more fun to play around with than the Modern Renaissance palette, which is supposed to be the sister palette to the Subculture palette. I still find that that the shades in that palette can border pink-eye type looks, even though I do love burgundy shadow. So I thought Subculture would be right up my alley and then all the reviews came out and I just couldn’t risk spending the money on something that just wasn’t great quality. So I thought I’d create a dupes post using my favourite brands of single shadows, Makeup Geek and Inglot, to create a sort of similar palette out of the shades that both brands currently sell. I will have two separate dupe palettes created so that you could purchase all of the shadows from one store. I hope that you find this post helpful!



The original palette looks stunning. The gorgeous blues and mustard tones are just to die for and when I created this edit, it really sold the shades for me because it showed me the shades in a manageable way.


Now let’s move on to the dupes that I’ve collected from both Makeup Geek and Inglot for each shadow in the Subculture Palette:



Whimsical is the closest shade to Cube that they currently make, unfortunately. It is an icy pink highlight rather than a transformer eyeshadow. I think Kat Von D’s Opal from the Alchemist palette is the closest I have to a dupe for Cube.



Although it is a little bit warmer and darker, Peach Smoothie is a pretty spot on dupe for Dawn. It’s one of my favourite eyeshadows so I’m super glad I already have this shade and therefore won’t have to purchase it to recreate this palette!



I fought with myself to chose an appropriate shade for this. I believe that the generally accepted colour dupe, Dirty Martini is maybe too green for a dupe. I’d say Preppy might be a better dupe, and might fit better with the other shades in this palette. Preppy is one of my favourite Makeup Geek shades so I’m very happy to recommend it.



The foiled shadow Legend, I would say, outweighs Adorn 10 fold. The foiled shadows from Makeup Geek are incredible and they’ve honestly made me avoid typical shimmer shadows because I always am looking for the intensity of the foiled shadows. Legend has a darker base but the shine is the same tone and brightness so overall you’ll create virtually the same eye look using either of the two shadows.

All Star


Cherry Cola is a fantastic dupe for All Star. It’s a little bit warmer but it is really close. Cherry Cola is a great shade anyway, whether you wanted to recreate this palette or not, I’d recommend it.



High Tea is really the closest shade to Mercury. It is a very unique colour and nothing matches it entirely. It is definitely a brown but it has a green tinge to it. High Tea is definitely more green leaning.



Another shade that is hard to dupe. Many people have paired Axis with Time Travel but they are a bit different. I would still say this is your best option but now that it isn’t an exact match, by any means. You’ll probably need to deepen up the look if you use Time Travel but that shouldn’t be such a challenge with the other colours in this palette of dupes.



A little brighter but very similar is Makeup Geek’s Poppy. I own Poppy and I really love the shade. I wouldn’t have thought it was a dupe for Roxy until I saw people swatch them side by side.



Electric is one of the shades that sort of underperformed according to many reviews. The shade quickly hardpanned and never really worked as expected to begin with so this dupe is sort of a quality and ease of use upgrade. The Makeup Geek Dupe for Electric is the duochrome shade Karma. It has a yellow-green shift, which matches Electric really nicely.



There are two dupes that I’d recommend for Fudge, that’s Cabin Fever and Mocha. Mocha, I think is probably the closer dupe but most people seem to be under the impression Cabin Fever is so it’s really up to you.

New Wave


This shade was a little harder to pick because Makeup Geek make some seriously nice warm yellow/orange shades. I would recommend Early Bird for New Wave. It leans a little more orange but I think it makes for a nicer muted look than a bright orange, which could look harsh against the other more muted tones in the palette.



For Untamed, I’ve chosed Enchanted Forest, a shade that I’ve lusted after for some time. It doesn’t have as much blue to the shadow but it is pretty dead on in terms of depth of colour and overall appearance.



I am begrudgingly saying that Lemon Drop is my dupe for Edge, because there is not shade quite like it in Makeup Geek’s current range. Colour Pop’s Paper Tiger is a much better dupe but if you’re strickly shopping on Makeup Geek for this one, Lemon Drop is probably the way to go. It is brighter and shimmery so it’s really not what I was looking for in a dupe but that’s the closest I got, I’m afraid!



Lastly, I would recommend Americano, my newest edition to my personal collection of Makeup Geek shadows! I think it will be much easier to use than Rowdy, which has been known to be the look ruiner shade for most people’s Subculture looks. It isn’t as purple but if you’re wanting that, you might like Taboo, although it’s not been rated very well in reviews.


So this dupes palette will cost more than the Subculture palette itself but you will be getting more product and usable shades haha. I’m really thrilled to own a lot of the shades, making this a rather cost effective way of achieving similar looks to those created with the subculture palette. I hope that you found this post helpful!!


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