Trend: Wiggle Brows

Hi guys, gals and non-binary pals!

Wiggly brows kind of came out of nowhere and then exploded on instagram and a lot of people have strong opinions on the trend but I love it! Obviously it’s not something you’d be wearing daily but I think it’s fun so I gave it a go!


Mine looks a bit more like I have chunks of my brow missing rather than it being curvy but it was my first (and probably final) attempt at it so I’m giving myself a little bit of a pass for not having it look perfect the first time around!

I love these types of trends on instagram because it gets people trying their makeup in different ways and pushing people to go outside of the box and do something unique and fun. I think it helps build skills that you might otherwise not strengthen so I am always a big fan of weird or odd makeup trends. I saw a girl who’d taken it to the next level and did wiggly brows, highlight, contour and lips! It was so funny and fun!


Have you tried wiggly brows?

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Au revoir xxx

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