Haul: Essence Blossom Dreams Collection

Hi guys, gals and non-binary pals!

It’s been a little bit since I’ve reviewed an Essence collection and to be honest, that’s largely due to there not being a collection that really interested me. A lot of their more recent collections have been quite bland or nothing revolutionary so I’ve not bothered to try anything. However, on a trip to target with a quest to purchase appropriate theatre attire, I stumbled into the cosmetics department and saw a newer Essence collection! I don’t know how long it’s been available because I don’t find myself popping in to Target too often, but it was new enough for there to still be a vast majority of the collection. However, they were all able to be opened and weren’t sealed to avoid contaminated product. I swear Target don’t even know what to do with a cosmetics section, it’s ridiculous how often things are trashed, but that’s a rant for another day. Today I’m sharing the products that I picked up from the Blossom Dreams collection! I hope that you enjoy!


I purchased the blush in Call Me Coral, the rainbow highlighter and the chrome eyeliner pen in Do You Hear The Chirping Birds?


I don’t buy coral blushes very often but this blush definitely leans more neutral and it reminded me a lot of Milani Luminoso so I thought I’d give it a go! It is definitely one of those blushes where you can forgo highlighter because this one has enough shine to it to act as both. It does make your cheeks look nice and flushed but it is very shiny so if you aren’t into that look, I’d skip this product.

The rainbow highlighter trend came and went but an affordable and good quality highlighter is always appreciated and I told myself I’d only purchase this one if there wasn’t a white base to it and it was only a colour shift, like the Kat Von D Alchemist palette. And while it’s not as pigmented as the Kat Von D palette, it is still really smooth and applies nicely to the skin. It is just a colour shift so it is already better than a lot of higher end coloured highlighters. I have to try using this with a fan brush so that I can just pick up one shade at a time. If you swirl all of the colours together, it makes a silver shade which is pretty sweet if you’re in a rush and this is all you had to work with. It is definitely a great way to try coloured highlighter at a very affordable price.


Anything metallic just gets me and this is liner is so pigmented and glides so effortlessly. It is so refreshing because most liners, especially affordable ones, happen to have to be tugged quite a bit for it to work properly. I would highly recommend the liners from the collection if you’re going to purchase anything!


The highlighter is really hard to photograph but I think you can kind of get a bit of an understanding of how it looks on the skin. The all have the same level of pigmentation so the shades you can’t see well aren’t underwhelming but just aren’t catching the light. You can also see how shimmery the blush is in this photo, it’s up the top by the liner swatch. It basically looks like a highlighter! I think it probably would be on anyone darker than me!


So I think this collection is really cute and really gets me excited for spring! I hope that you’re all having an amazing day!

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Au revoir xxx

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