Review: Gracefull Nail Polish

Hi guys, gals, and non-binary pals!

Ever been hoping for more from your nail polish collection? Ever wished that you could bring some glam to your phalanges? Gracefull Nail Polish will give you a stunning set of nails for an even better price than the polishes at the drugstore so I thought it was definitely time to talk about them! I purchased four shades from the website and today I’m going to let you know exactly what I think of them!


I was watching an episode of Beauty News (which if you aren’t subscribed to them, please do!) and they shared a few polishes from the Gilmore Girls collection that they’d received! I love Gilmore Girls and I love sparkly holographic nail polish so I checked out the website and looked at every single polish on offer and made myself a little cart! I had half the store in my cart and had to narrow it down to a sensible four nail polishes, so that I could test them out and if they were rubbish, I wouldn’t have lost too much money.

The shades that I picked up were Dodge Lancer (Blue holographic polish with holographic flakies), 4AM Latte (champagne holographic), Holo Herione (silver holographic), and Ritzy (black with holographic flakies)! I’ve worn three of the polishes myself and I applied the fourth on my mum’s nails so I’ve seen them all in action and I just adore them.

My favourite of the bunch is probably 4AM Latte and it’s the only one that I’ve not worn myself! When I saw it on the website I fell in love and because it was probably the least interested of the shades, I wanted to try the others first before I blessed my nails with this beauty! I love it because the base colour is so wearable so it goes with everything and is definitely a more subtle glam but the holo still packs quite a punch. It definitely is a leap up from your typical, classic nude polish.

I also really enjoyed Dodge Lancer and Holo Herione. Dodge Lancer is from the Gilmore Girls collection and is a nod to the car that Dean restores for Rory! It’s the perfect colour for it. The polish itself is so beautiful and I felt like I just kept staring at my nails the whole time that I had it on!!
Holo Herione is exactly what I was after in a traditional holographic polish. I had been using the Revlon Holographic top coat until it was left without the lid screwed on and all dried up (I’m not crying, you’re crying), so I was looking for something to fill the void and Holo Herione did just that.

Ritzy was the least liked of the bunch. It’s stunning in the bottle but I couldn’t get it looking like that or like a lot of the swatch photos, however I’m willing to give it the benefit of the doubt because I did only use two coats of polish. Next time I try it, I’ll try it with three coats and see how it goes. The black is sheer to allow the flakies to really shine but because of its sheerness, it did make the polish look a bit off with two coats. I’ll definitely have to report back once I’ve tried three coats! Every other polish I used worked perfectly in two coats but this is both a different formula and effect to the others so I can’t compare them against each other!

Here are some swatches, credit to the swatchers can be found in the captions!

I would definitely encourage you to check out the website and have look at what is on offer! The polishes retail for about $13 so that’s cheaper than most drugstore polishes and these aren’t basic like most drugstore polishes so you’re really getting bang for your buck! They’re all hand poured in Tasmania so they’re Australian Made and they also have an international store so those outside of Australia can also purchase these beauties!


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