Haul: Priceline 40% Off Cosmetics

Hi guys, gals and non-binary pals!

Today I wanted to take the opportunity to share my little haul from the Priceline 40% off Cosmetics sale that happened on August 16th and 17th, last week! I was working both days of the sale so I had to rush around in my break to pick up the items that I was after! There was also a few other good sales happening for non-cosmetic items so I tried to take advantage of those sales as well! I hope that you enjoy this post and don’t forget to let me know what you picked up during the sale!


I always make sure that I get a back up of my favourite pressed powder, the Australis Fresh & Flawless. I can’t live without it and I can’t recommend it enough. It has great coverage and it smooths the skin really beautifully.

I usually pick up a back up of my favourite eyeliner, the Maybelline Hyper Sharp Wing Liner but as I learned in the last 40% off Cosmetics sale, I had about 5 back ups and I thought it might be best to not pick up another one this time around! I definitely used up a few during my 100 Days of Makeup challenge but not enough to warrant purchasing another back up!

Another back up that I picked up during this sale is my favourite top coat, the Sally Hansen Kwik Dry Top Coat! I love this stuff and I go through it so quickly but it is honestly the best! the only issue I have is the brush is too short for the bottle so I always miss using the last bits of product before having to move to a new bottle.

I had my eyes on the NYX Cosmetics Cosmic Metals since their release and I knew that I had to pick one up! I really adore the shade that I picked up and I think that I might pick up some more during the next sale. They’re a little on the thick side, and I totally understand why they would be because they’re so packed with pigment. I usually wouldn’t like it but the sparkle really sold me. I definitely want to feature it in a few looks that I have planned coming up!

I really wanted to try the Essence Matt Matt Matt lipsticks after gushing about their matte lipstick formula that they come out with in a lot of their limited edition collections! I’ve been using both of the shades that I purchased (02 and 04) and I can confirm that this formula is the same as the limited edition mattes that Essence releases so I’m SO pleased that I finally picked up some of these lipsticks! I’ll definitely have to pick up some more in the future!

Another new to me Essence product that I picked up was the Essence Colour Intensifying Eyeshadow Base! I tried the original I ❤ Stage Eye Primer that came and went from Australian stores but it was too yellow for me and I didn’t think it did anything too miraculous for me so I’ll be interested to see how this goes, considering it is a pink shade. I will either feature this in a favourites post or in a disappointing products post at some point in the future!

Last out of the products included in the 40% off Cosmetics sale, I purchased a NYX Cosmetics Retractable Lip Liner in Nude! I had a few of the wooden liners but they’re all old now and I think I’ve probably decluttered them at this point so I took the opportunity to purchase a new lip liner in a shade that is likely to flatter most of the shades that I wear regularly! This shade leans more warm/neutral than some of the neutral/cool lipsticks that I gravitate toward but I think I’ll definitely get a lot of use out of it regardless! I was very tempted to purchase the black retractable lip liner to wear with the Cosmic Metals lipgloss that I purchased but I held back. I kind of regret holding back now but if there’s a sale coming up, I’ll definitely pick it up!

There was also a 40% off Batiste sale during the cosmetics sale so I took the opportunity to purchase a dry shampoo! I don’t use them very frequently so I think this one is really going to last me a long time! There were so many different scents and I had trouble deciding exactly which to try so I just went with the limited edition scent Eden because I thought it sounded nice! I can’t wait to try it!

And that’s everything that I picked up during the 40% off Cosmetics sale! What did you pick up during the sale?


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Au revoir xxx

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