Review: Kat Von D Lock It Foundation

Hi guys, gals and non-binary pals!

Today I’m going to be giving a little review on the Kat Von D Lock It Foundation. This foundation has been out for a while and has some pretty wild claims so I wanted to put it to the test and give you all my opinion on it!


This foundation retails for $49 AUD and claims to be full coverage and offer 24H, transfer resistant wear. It is supposed to be perfect for oily skin because it’s meant to stay locked into place and provide perfect coverage. Being someone with pretty oily skin and having to work long days, a foundation like this sounds really really appealing. I’d always wanted to buy it and when I went to Sydney back in May, I took the opportunity to swatch the shades and get a feel for them on my skin. I later Afterpay-ed an online order and picked it up to try.

This foundation is extremely high coverage. I feel like I sometimes look like I’m wearing a mask, which is great if the foundation matches your skin perfectly because it’ll make you look like a beautiful porcelain doll, but none of the lighter shades match me well. I purchased the shade 42, knowing that it was a touch too light for me but it really was the best match for me. 43 was too yellow but the perfect shade in terms of lightness or deepness, and 44 was too deep and too pink, so 42 was the way I went. So besides my foundation being a touch too light, it also doesn’t last on me at all. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong because I feel as though I’ve tried everything at this point. I have worn it with and without primer, I’ve had dry and moisturised skin, I’ve tried different powders but I can never get it to stay looking perfect for more than 3 hours, which is really annoying for a foundation that claims to last for 24H. Once the oil starts coming to the surface, it starts making my skin look really cakey and starts creasing into my laugh lines and fine lines under my eyes, which ages me about 10 years!


I think the best way for me to wear this foundation is to wear it as concealer because it has really great coverage. I just have to set the crap out of it and maybe baby it a bit throughout wearing it. I’ve also tried wearing it with other foundations but I just can’t get it to behave well. It’s a pity because I really like the foundation’s overall appearance. It makes my skin look really amazing and even. I feel really good about myself when I wear it and I just make sure I really bronze up the parameters of my face to make it not look too ghostly on me!

I know that this foundation works really well for some people, probably those with more normal to combo skin. I definitely think it just doesn’t work so well with my skin type but the product itself isn’t bad at all. I’m glad that I finally got to try it, after having wanted it for about three years. What are your thoughts on it if you’ve tried it?


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9 thoughts on “Review: Kat Von D Lock It Foundation

  1. I too had high hopes for this and it let me down 😦 luckily I just got a tester pot from sephora because it was not what I expected. Was meant to be good for oily skin but I felt like it just melted off after a few hours. Maybe okay for a photo shoot, but I felt like it was too similar to double wear and I love my double wear. A request though? I’d love to see you test tarte cosmetics more. I cannot rave enough about them! I purchased off their website, I got two eyeshadow palettes, the shape tape, a blush and a highlighter plus free shipping for $90, and it came from America to Australia tracked in 2 weeks. They are cruelty free, vegan, and no parabens, and honestly AMAZING! The shape tape is like…. indescribable. I’m currently using it as foundation because it is just incredible. And perfect for us pale tones. Next I’m going to try their Amazonian clay foundation since I’ve heard it’s as good as shape tape. I cannot get enough of their stuff! (Here’s a tip – put what you want in your cart and leave it there for a few days, they will send you a 10%, then 15% then 20% off code to your email to get you to finish your purchase – voila! 20% off)

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  2. Oh yeah I find it is a complete mask and it can crease in my smile lines if I don’t go to town with Australis ready set go and set with a spray. I also need a great moisturising primer like the Mecca Cosmetica one or Kat Von Ds. But i have normal skin. I also feel it’s better applied with a brush… but has to be the right brush! Simple… right?
    I’ve started mixing it with my Tarte Rainforest of the Sea foundation to make it slightly less matte.
    All in all it lasts on me and I mainly wear it for events/long days. But it is definitely not an every day foundation for me.

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    • I might have to try it with a brush and see how I go! I’ve tried it with my fingers and with a beauty blender and just can’t get it to work! I wanted it to be my every day foundation but it just doesn’t last, ugh!


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