3 Underrated Beauty Products

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to discuss the products that just don’t get the hype that they deserve. I pride myself on talking about products that I deem worth the money, especially for someone who has lacked money and had to be a relatively smart consumer when it comes to makeup, an ‘unnecessary’ expense. I hope that you find this post helpful and maybe encourage you to try some stuff that you maybe didn’t think to bother with!


3 Underrated

1. Chi Chi Blending Sponge

I want to preface this by saying that I’ve gotten a bad sponge or two from them but for the most part, the yellow sponge is nearly the same (if not the same) as the Real Techniques sponge. I bought the Real Techniques one when it was on special and I was so upset with myself because the Chi Chi sponge is a fraction of the price! I will continue to purchase the Chi Chi sponge from now on because I just don’t see any reason to purchase anything else!

2. Essence Matte Lipsticks

I find that any of the Essence matte lipsticks are both comfortable and have great pigmentation. They don’t dry out your lips and they last really well, even through eating and drinking. Essence is so affordable that you really don’t have much to lose in trying them. I really want to try the Matt Matt Matt range because I heard that they’re really similar!

3. Sash Cosmetics Lipsticks

Being an indie brand often means that you don’t often have the hype that your products deserve and honestly, no lipsticks deserve hype quite like Sash Cosmetics lipsticks! I’ve spoken about them a lot in the past and I just think they’re fantastic. At the moment you can get them pretty heavily discounted so I’d definitely recommend going to their instagram and checking out any deal they have going on! For swatches and a review, check out my post on them!


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