Review: Coastal Scents Hot Pots

Hi guys, gals and non-binary pals!~

Today, I thought I’d review the Coastal Scents Hot Pots that I ordered during the half price sale! I’ve been using the shadows that I bought for about a month now so I’ve really used the shadows and have formed some sort of opinion on them. I hope that you enjoy my review!


I ordered 28 shadows and a palette so that I could get a good feel for the shadows. They were only $1USD so they were really inexpensive and I’d heard really good things so I really wanted to take the opportunity to try them while they were even cheaper than usual!

Deciding which colours to pick was so difficult because I didn’t know what type of colours to purchase. I already have a Makeup Geek palette so I had a lot of colours in this similar format and I didn’t want to double up but I also wanted some basic colours to try so that this palette could be used on it’s own. I watched countless youtube videos about people’s favourite colours and I went through the whole website and looked at every colour and read everything I could so that I’d get the exact shadows I wanted!

Here are the shades that I purchased:

Top Row: Chamois Nude, Petal Peach, Earth Rose, Kokomo Cafe, Fool’s Gold, Golden Avocado, Olivewood

Second Row: Elven Gold, Aluminium Taupe, Cherry Moss, Bungalow Gold, New Penny, Chai Spice, Timeless Taupe

Third Row: Sand Dune, Mai Tai, Light Plum, Raisin Berry, Maroon Berry, Vintage Burgundy, Blackberry

Last Row: Gypsy Blue, Kiwi Green, Forest Eve, Pinehurst, Burnt Umber, Chocolatier, Incognito

I really like the majority of the shades that I purchased. Everything that I bought goes well with the other shades that I bought. Overall, I like the shadows but I wouldn’t go as far to say that I like them more than my Makeup Geek shadows and would purchase these over them. To me, these shadows are well worth the price but they don’t really come close to Makeup Geek, unfortunately. So I’ll happily use these shadows but I’ll repurchase and continue to purchase Makeup Geek shadows over these Hot Pots. My favourite shades are Fool’s Gold, Golden Avocado, Olive Wood, Cherry Moss, Kiwi Green, Sand Dune and Elven Gold. The metallic shades are by far the best of the Hot Pot shadows. I made sure that I only bought the opaque shades, because some of the Hot Pots are semi-opaque and sheer on the website, and I don’t want my shadows to need to be really really packed on my eye.

Some mattes are tough to work with. I worked with Pinehurst a lot during my 100 Days of Makeup challenge and it was quite a difficult shade to use because it skipped and blended unevenly on the eye. A few other shades did this too but I used Pinehurst the most so I noticed it the most with that shade in particular.

I’d recommend these shadows to anyone on a budget and isn’t looking for anything revolutionary from an eyeshadow. These shadows get the job done and they have every shade under the sun in eyeshadow form so I’m sure you’d be able to find something that you’d enjoy wearing. I’ll happily continue to use these but as I said previously, I wouldn’t be rushing to repurchase these shadows once they start running out.


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