July Empties

Hi guys, gals and non-binary pals!~

It’s time to talk trash again and this month I have a lot to talk about again!


This month I decluttered a lot more than I expected to!

Starting with the plethora of NYX Soft Matte minis from the Christmas pack, I decided it was time to get rid of them as the majority of them have all dried out. It was fun trying the nudes that I’d never tried before but the formula of them just isn’t great and they dry out way too quickly! I used one of them in the final week of my 100 Days of Makeup challenge and I think that was the tipping point for me to just move on with these! I’m actually down to a pretty respectable amount of lipsticks now! I’m very proud of myself. I still have too many nudes for one set of lips but I’m really proud of my progress.

I did a bit of a declutter of my nail polishes because some of them were finishing up and some of them just don’t have a great formula. I really hate the Essie formula and it’s so annoying because they make really nice colours and it always draws me in to then have me disappointed again! Same can be said for Sinful Colors. The Sally Hansen ones are all finished up because they’re excellent. They’re definitely my favourite polishes from the drugstore! I’ve got a few indie brand polishes coming so it was a good time to declutter!

The Katy Perry perfume that I had in last year’s declutter is finally finished!!! I am so happy to finally let it go so that I can use all of my other nice perfumes!

Everything else finished is just in the regular monthly use kind of category. I probably used more makeup remover and cotton pads than a regular month because of 100 Days of Makeup but we’ll see how I go for my next month’s empties!

I hope that you enjoyed the post and enjoyed reading a little bit about what I worked on finishing this month!


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Au revoir xxx

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