Facial Hair Removal: Which Method Is Best?

Hi guys, gals and non-binary pals!

Today I’m going to be discussing my preferred method of removing facial hair! This is a completely personal choice, you don’t need to remove facial hair at all, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. I just prefer to not have it, especially because I take photos of my makeup a lot and I see all the little imperfections amplified. I’m going to talk through all the methods that I’ve tried so that you might find a different way to remove your hair, should you choose to, and ultimately find your favourite method!


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The methods that I’ll be discussing today are hair removal cream, facial epilation, shaving, and waxing. Each of these methods have their benefits so let’s get right on to it!

1. Hair Removal Cream

This was probably my first method of hair removal that I tried! I remember a few years ago, I started getting really self-conscious about the hair on my upper lip, so I borrowed my mum’s hair removal cream to try to get rid of it and I burned my upper lip and had a burn moustache that makeup wouldn’t sit on top of! It looked SO bad. However, when I bought my own, I bought a sensitive skin version and I think that since I bought that, it really helped my easily irritated skin! Hair removal cream is super simple to use, you just need to generously apply the cream to any area that you’d like to remove hair, and then you wait at least 3 minutes and then just take it off!

Here are the pros and cons of hair removal cream:


  • Simple to use
  • Cheap
  • You can use it every three days but it lasts about a week


  • Can irritate the skin
  • Can cause burns if not completely removed
  • It is a bit more time consuming
  • Leaves skin feeling a bit sticky

2. Epilation

When I was a teenager, I’d use an epilator on my legs. It’s one of the most painful things ever but it gives such good results! Epilators look like electric shavers but where the blades would be, there are little tweezers that rip out the hair at the root. When I found out that brands had started bringing out ones that were marketed at removing the hair on your face, I was so excited about it! I knew that it would hurt a lot but I thought the results would be awesome so it didn’t matter! After watching Shaanxo’s video on hair removal, where she showed using the facial epilator, I added it to my birthday wishlist last year and picked one up. I used it all of three times before the whole thing died and now I have to see if I can get a refund or something from the brand because my device just doesn’t work. While I wasn’t able to use it as many times as other methods of hair removal, I was able to get a good idea about how I liked it, compared to other methods.


  • Compact
  • Quick to use (thankfully)
  • The results last about a month


  • Extremely painful, especially around the mouth
  • Leaves baby pimples on areas that you epilated for about a week after epilation
  • Not many good devices on the market just yet
  • More expensive than other methods

3. Waxing

I use waxing strips designed for your face when I’m feeling really brave and/or desperate. After the Bloggers United Adelaide Event last year, we received a little trial pack of wax strips and I tried them and was excited about another method of removing facial hair so I bought a whole pack of facial wax strips. This method is really great at removing a lot of hair all at once but BOY is it a painful one. This one probably rates the worst for pain but it has really great results. It’s also quite cheap.


  • Compact
  • Quick to use (thankfully)
  • The results last about a month


  • EXTREMELY painful
  • Like epilating, leaves baby pimples on skin

4. Shaving

If you’ve seen my Instagram, you’ll know that I only recently purchased some single blade shavers to try out so this is the newest method of hair removal to me. I was most hesitant about this method because I know how quickly the hair grows back on me after shaving. I also really didn’t want to have stubble on my face. However, I’ve tried it now and I think I actually really like it! It’s the quickest of all of the hair removal methods and you can really get everything looking fantastic very easily. If you aren’t careful, you could lose an eyebrow if you’re a bit hasty with the blade but it’s so simple to use so I don’t think you’d have a problem.


  • Readily available
  • Quick to use
  • VERY cheap
  • Hair free for a few days but it’s so quick to shave that this doesn’t really matter too much


  • Not so long lasting
  • Not very environmentally friendly if you use these again and again and need to replace them, like typical shavers.

Out of all of the different methods that I’ve tried, I think I like shaving the best. I purchased little Schick My Melody razors from a little Korean shop in my city but you can get the Twinkle shavers online for about a dollar. You really don’t have to purchase an expensive one at all. It is just so simple, quick, and pain-free that I just can’t go past this method. It may not last as long as the other methods but I’m a baby and if I can avoid pain, I’ll avoid it. Pain may equal beauty but it doesn’t always have to, which is why I choose shaving. Which method do you prefer?


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