Glambot Haul

Hi guys, gals and non-binary pals!

Today I’m sharing my most recent Glambot haul! This haul was bigger than my first, mostly due to having cash money now. I love Glambot because I get to try products that I never would have bought for full price in Australia. Some stuff works out to be a similar price, but other stuff is pretty heavily discounted, especially when you factor in that there’s no Australia tax haha. Lets have a look at what I picked up this time!


Everything that I picked up was in the 80% full bracket, which is for anything swatched once to 80% full. I think pretty much everything I got was only swatched once, except maybe one of the Too Faced Bronzers. Even though I’m not a big Too Faced fan, due to there more recent pumping out mediocre product BS, I still had a few things I’d been wanting to try and in this haul, I picked up the Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer and the Blushing Bronzer Duo in Ross and Rachel, which I was very tempted to buy when it was first released!!

The bronzer shades are a similar colour, with the Ross and Rachel blush maybe being a bit darker. I was going to pick up the Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer in Sydney back in May but I thought it wasn’t worth it, seeing as I didn’t know whether it’d be too light for my skin.

I’m really excited to use both of the bronzers. I knew going into purchasing the Ross and Rachel bronzer that the blush had no pigment so no disappointment there. I pretty much just bought it because I love Friends!

I bought my first tarte blush in this order! I love Tarte and I had ordered their blush wheel from Christmas last year but Sephora messed up our order and we never got them so I’ve had Tarte blush withdrawal since then. I bought a mini because I have never gotten through a blush and I don’t need a big blush. This one is in the shade Memorable and it’s a really pretty pink with some light Shimmer in it 🙂

I love Urban Decay and I’d been wanting this eyeshadow for a little bit but again, couldn’t bring myself to buy it when I was in Sydney! It’s a blue-brown duochrome shadow in the shade Lounge, which I believe is in the new Urban Decay Afterdark palette! It’s so pretty. I’m a sucker for shades like this!

I haven’t got many darker Makeup Geek shades and I feel like I’m starting to really like putting a deep brown in my outer corner so I decided to pick up the shade Americano. Now the price wasn’t very discounted on this item but it also looks virtually unused. Because I spent enough to qualify for free shipping, I still got it cheaper than I would have, had it been purchased directly from Makeup Geek. So far I’ve been absolutely loving it. It’s definitely the shade I’ve been missing from my palette.

I don’t purchase a lot of MAC because I feel like I can get similar quality for a better price elsewhere but this colour really spoke to me. It is one of their Liptensity lipsticks in Eros, which admittedly is mostly the reason I bought it. It is one of the most pigmented lipsticks I’ve ever bought, and I own one of their amplified lipsticks. It’s so smooth and gorgeous, you’ll see in the swatch. It’s phenomenal. I’m really happy I picked this one up!

Finally, I picked up my first Nars Audacious Lipstick in the shade Anita! I bought my first Nars lipstick from glambot so it was quite cool to pick another one up in my second order. The quality of the packaging and product is really amazing. I am not a sucker for high end makeup, so when I say it’s amazing, you know I’m saying it because it’s genuinely amazing and I’m not influenced by the hype of a product. It’s my typical medium Nude shade but the formula is so pigmented and so creamy. It really feels like next level makeup. It completely blows MAC out of the water. I’d definitely purchase another one if I ever got the chance.

I hope you enjoyed my Glambot haul! They have sales all the time so you can get decently priced stuff for even cheaper a lot of the time! If you do want something, though, don’t sit on it for too long because products get snapped up pretty quickly!


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Au revoir xxx

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