MOTD: Yule

Hi guys, gals, and non-binary pals!

Welcome to my next installment of my pagan holiday makeup looks! Yesterday was the winter solstice, and I wanted to make a Yule inspired look to celebrate the shortest day of the year in the Southern Hemisphere! I also shared a little bit about the holiday in this post and I hope that you enjoy learning more about it!



The word “Yule” comes from the word “Jul”, which translates to “wheel”. At Yule, it is customary to celebrate winter and the rebirth of the sun. Because it is about the rebirth of the sun, it is a special day for the sun gods of each pantheon. Because I follow the Greek Gods, Cronus and Apollo are important to this holiday. Apollo is my patron god, so Yule is an extra special holiday for my personal Wiccan journey. Yule has many different names; Saturnalia, Winter Solstice, Midwinter, but the most well known is probably Christmas.

FUN FACT: For Christians, Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus, and Jesus is considered to be the Sun God of Christianity.

For this blog post, I’m going to share the origin of Santa’s Reindeer!

The Norwegian vikings used to eat amanitas, red mushrooms with white spots, on one of the days of Yule (in the Northern Hemisphere, 20th – 23rd December), which made them hallucinate. So when a shaman would come with his sleigh to mark “Jol” (Yule), the vikings would see him as Santa flying in the sky, because of the affects of eating the mushrooms. Over time, the stories transformed and said that Santa flew across the sky being pulled by his reindeers. In Norway, it is customary to decorate for Yule with amanitas because of the history with the hallucinating vikings who saw Santa fly across the sky in his sleigh. This is what inspired the first literature about Santa and his reindeer!

Here are the products that I used to create my Yule inspired look!

Makeup Geek Baby Face, Peach Smoothie, Bitten, Mocha, Ice Queen

Inglot eyeshadow 151

The Balm Blush in Cabana Boy

Sash Cosmetics Kiss It Better

Ardell Lashes in 120

Some colours associated with this period are gold, silver, red, green and white, which heavily inspired my makeup look. I love mixing reds and silvers together. I also wanted to make this pretty glam, like something you might wear to Yule festivities, like for your Yule feast, Yule tree decorations with family and friends, or even caroling.

This Yule, I spent the day burning warm scents in my oil burner, drinking hot drinks and singing holiday songs. I really love this holiday and I’m really happy that I was able to celebrate ‘Christmas’ in the appropriate season!


I hope that you enjoyed this little post about Yule, I hope that you’ve had a great time celebrating if you celebrate at this time of year!

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Au revoir xxx

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