Review: Tarte Make Believe in Yourself Palette

Hi guys, gals and non-binary pals!

Today I wanted to share my thoughts on the Tarte Make Believe in Yourself palette that was released recently in Australia and I got the chance to pick up and play with while I was in Sydney last month! This is probably the longest time I’ve had something, knowing I wanted to review it, without reviewing it more or less within the first week. Most of that is due to my new two posts a week schedule and one of those posts being taken up by my 100 Days of Makeup recap. This item, I believe, is limited edition so I did want to get this up in a timely fashion and with my extra time trying it out, I have more developed opinions on the palette. So let’s just jump right in and get to the review!


The first thing that I want to discuss is the packaging. Tarte are pretty well known for their round palettes and this one is probably one of the prettiest palettes I’ve seen from them. Last year’s blush palette was presented similarly with a geometric pattern covering the majority of the lid. This design doesn’t really give me the fantasy vibes that the rest of the collection gives but I think it is still really stunning. I love the colours and I love the overall design.

The packaging is plastic and has a clip closure, so there’s no chance of your palette magically opening in travel or anything of the sort. I tend to like this type of closure better for product safety but they can be dangerous for your manicure.

Let’s open up this bad boy and see the beauty inside!

The palette contains 9 metallic shadows, one matte shadow, and one large transformer powder. While it looks like you couldn’t get a complete look from this palette, it’s actually easier than you might think. For someone with fair to light-medium skin, you’re going to have a really easy time. Just pop that matte in the crease and a metallic or two on the lid and you’ll have a really simple, put together look. For anyone deeper, you might want a crease colour to pair with it but that’s totally up to personal preference. I think most people buying this palette would be looking to pair it with another basic palette.

The transformer powder is incredible. It looks white in the pan but when you search it on the skin, it has a firey red flash to it. You can apply it over the other shadows or wear it as a highlight, it’s a really cool powder.

In the store, when I swatched the palette, I could pick up lots of pigment and the palette really shocked me. When I got home, however, they felt much drier and harder to work with. Originally I felt a bit let down and as a bit of a stingy consumer, I felt like I’d wasted my money. But as I’ve used it day after day, the shadow had become easier and easier to use. So I feel like there’s a bit of a hard surface on these shadows that you just have to work through a bit to see the results you might be after. I know I’m back to being in love with the palette, like I was in store.

Here are the swatches of the shadows and powder on the first day I played with it. The swatches look a bit dry and not as pigmented but I can assure you, after they’ve been used more, pigment is much easier to pick up. So this is more a representation of the colour rather than the quality of the shadows themselves. A lot of the shades are duochrome and they look stunning swatched and even more beautiful on the eye.

Here are a few looks that I’ve done using this palette:

I would definitely recommend the palette if you love colour and you love metallics. I think the palette is a lot of fun and I feel really inspired when I look at it!


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