May Favourites!

Hey guys!

This month has been absolutely incredible. I started my new job (and it is the best), I went to Sydney, and I’ve been happier than I’ve been in a long time! I’ve also been trying quite a few new products so I’ve got quite a lot to talk about this month! I hope that you enjoy the post!


1. Kat Von D Alchemist Palette

I purchased this palette while I was in Sydney and I knew I’d be obsessed with it when I first heard it was being released. I had been debating over a few different colourful highlighter palettes and when I was in Sephora, I took the opportunity to pick this one up. I adore the shades, I think they were very cleverly put together. All of the shades are suprisingly wearable so for anyone wanting to jump on to the colourful highlighter train, this is probably the best palette to try it out with because the powders are really nice and the shades are easy to wear! I can totally do a full review on the palette if it is something that you guys might be interested in!

2. Nest Fragrances – Citrine

Welcome to my new staple fragrance. This scent reminds me of summer, with its citrus and floral scent! I am head-over-heels for this perfume and when I finish my little roller ball, I’m definitely picking up the full sized bottle! I hadn’t tried any Nest Fragrances before but when I was away in Sydney, I was able to try them all out and I settled on purchasing this one. I didn’t even hesitate, I just picked it up and went to the counter, and as you know if you’re a regular reader, I don’t tend to just drop money on items without thinking pretty long and hard on them, especially if they’re high end. Scents are hard to describe so I don’t even know who to recommend this to but if you’re wanting to smell like a fruity cocktail, you’ll probably be into this scent!

3. iPhone 7

People who know me in person know the struggles that I’ve had with phones throughout my life. I look after my phones well but for some reason, they just don’t seem to like me. I really do treat my phone as a computer though so I guess I really use the crap out of it but I still think that I should have a better track record for how well I look after it. About a year ago, I purchased the iPhone SE after my camera on my 5S stopped working. I wanted an upgrade but I didn’t want to have to buy new cases so transitioning to the SE was a natural upgrade because it was essentially a 6S in a 5S body. This phone was pretty shit to me from the start. It had really bad issues with calibration and I had my phone replaced by Apple twice, with the issue being present in every phone I had. I couldn’t take it because it made editing my photos, playing my games, editing my videos and even highlighting text, a real issue. I essentially couldn’t use my phone like I needed to and so this month, thanks to starting a new job that could fund this decision, I upgraded to an iPhone 7 and so far, I’m so happy! I can do so much with it and my photos and videos are better than ever. I hope that it stays this way because it’s excellent so far!

4. LUSH Scrubee

I received a pack of Mother’s Day goodies from LUSH this month and in it was this little body conditioner! I love the body conditioner bars from LUSH, with my favourite being Buffy. The scent on this is hypnotic. It smells like milk and honey and it is so moisturising. I absolutely love it and if they can find a way to sell this permanently, I’d be eternally grateful hahaha.

5. Urban Decay Electric Palette

I’d lusted after this palette for so so long and this month, I finally bought it! I can’t even tell you how excited I was to receive it and play with it. The palette is incredible and I can’t get enough of it! I’ve been using it in a lot of the more recent 100 Days of Makeup looks that I’ve posted on my instagram and I’m excited to see how I use it in the next few months of looks!

6. Alien

Believe it or not, I’d never seen the Alien movies before this month and I had no real reason for not seeing them in my adult life but since starting my new job selling pop culture merchandise, I thought it might be time to catch up on everything that I’ve been missing, starting with the Alien series, with Alien: Covenant coming out in the cinema this month. I really loved the movie and I’ve since watched the sequel and Prometheus so I’m ready to see Covenant next week! If you’re a garbage person like myself and haven’t seen the Alien movies, I’d definitely recommend it. You’ve got bad ass women saving the world from aliens, what more could you want?

7. Sydney

Toward the end of the month, I went on a little holiday to Sydney for the BTS concert! I haven’t been on a holiday interstate for a few years and I was so excited to go away and explore somewhere new(ish)! I made a whole video about my trip on YouTube and you can watch it here!

8. BTS – Blood, Sweat and Tears

As I mentioned before, I went to Sydney to go to the BTS concert and I think it’d only be fair to mention my favourite BTS song for this month. If it wasn’t for them, you’d be seeing another Hamilton song on this list of favourites for the month. It’s been the first thing in two months to pull me away from listening to the Hamilton soundtrack on repeat so you KNOW that means it’s good hahaha. I really love the band and I’m so happy that I got to see them live!


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Au revoir xxx

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