NYX FACE Awards AU/NZ: National Pride

Hey guys!

This year is the first year that Australia has held a NYX FACE Awards and I’m very excited about it! For the last three years, I’ve shared my interpretations of the NYX FACE Awards challenges and I always wanted for there to be an Australian one and I wanted to enter it but because I lack the equipment to create proper videos, I’m just sticking to creating the looks in my own time! Today, I will be sharing my version of the AU/NZ 1st Challenge, National Pride. I really hope that you like the direction that I went with it!


I was certain that with a challenge like this, we would be seeing many looks with the Australian or Aboriginal flags and Aboriginal art featured, which is beautiful, but also the obvious route. I wanted to take it a bit further and look into one of my favourite areas, mythology, and work from one of the most illusive characters, the Bunyip.

The bunyip is a water spirit from Aboriginal mythology and is very special to a lot of South Australians because we have a little Bunyip attraction in Murray Bridge, about an hour’s drive out of Adelaide. I remember as a child, loving the (very frightening) attraction and I’d always beg for a dollar to make the Bunyip rise out of the water.

The Bunyip doesn’t have a defined set of physical features, many features contradict others in different stories, so no one really knows what it looks like. There are many different interpretations of this creature so I decided to base my look on the attraction, and a few other features that I came across in my research.

The roar of the Bunyip can be heard a kilometre away and it was well known for scaring young children, and I think you can see why.

Products Used:

Savvy Brow Pencil in Brown
Inglot 418
NYX White Liquid Liner
Morphe 12P
Makeup Geek Secret Garden
Skiin Black Liner Pencil

Make sure you vote for your favourite looks for this first challenge!


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