NYX FACE Awards US: Royalty

Hey guys!

Every year for the last three years, I’ve shared my interpretations of the NYX FACE Awards challenges and this year, I am trying not only the US FACE Awards but also the AU/NZ FACE Awards challenges! Today, I will be sharing my version of the US 1st Challenge, Royalty. I really hope that you like the direction that I went with it! This friday I’ll also be sharing my look for the AU/NZ 1st challenge so look forward to that!


So for this year’s first challenge, I wanted to think a bit outside of the box for ‘royalty’. I’d been planning on recreating Lexa’s makeup from the TV show, The 100, and I thought that it actually fit pretty perfectly with this challenge. In The 100, Lexa is the commander of the Grounders. She essentially is the queen or ruler of all of the clans and she earned her position by defeating others in the same special ‘royal’ bloodline. I loved her character in the show because I thought she was tough but I also thought she was fair and I thought that it made for a great story having the leader of the Grounders be female, as well as having the leader of the Sky People be female. It’s just something different from the norm and I really enjoyed it.

This look in particular is Lexa’s warpaint. She wore this makeup for every battle and I thought it looked really awesome. My favourite part of her overall look is her little metallic wheel between her brows, which I just drew on with metallic liner.

The look is meant to be messy and grungy so I didn’t worry too much about making any of it look perfect. I just wanted to look ready for anything, like Lexa is.


NYX Jumbo Pencil in Black Milk
NYX Aqua Luxe Liner in Glam Luxe

I hope that you enjoyed this look and don’t forget to vote or your favourite US looks!


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Au revoir xxx

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