Current Netflix Recommendations

Hey guys!

I’ve been prepping a lot of different posts and haven’t had the time to actually complete any so I thought I’d share a few TV Show recommendations because I’ve been watching so many good shows lately! I hope that you can forgive my lack of makeup post, just this once!



Anne With an E

I grew up reading and watching Anne of Green Gables and as soon as I heard that they were remaking the story into a TV Series, I almost died. I knew it would be excellent and I was so right because the show is just perfect. The casting is incredible and the cinematography is stunning. If you loved the story, you’ll love this remake! If you’ve never seen the movies or read the books, the story might seem a little dull at first but I promise you’ll fall in love with every character in the show. This is definitely one to watch!


The Last Kingdom

This is probably my favourite show at the moment. There are only 16 episodes and they’ve just finished their second season. The story follows Uhtred (pictured), a Saxon boy and heir to Bebbanburg, who is taken by Danes and is brought up by them. He is caught between two identities. He is thought of as a Dane by Saxons and a Saxon by Danes. After the death of both his biological father and adoptive father, he seeks revenge and vows to reclaim Bebbanburg. It is set right when King Alfred is in control of Wessex and is a really excellent peace of historical fiction. I’d highly recommend it. Uhtred is so sassy and it’s worth it just to hear how he responds to people.

Honourable Mentions:

I won’t go into too much detail about these shows as I’ve talked about them in the past but I would highly recommend The Crown, The 100 (the third season is a bit crap but definitely don’t give up on it), Downton Abbey, Brooklyn 99, Santa Clarita Diet, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Riverdale, Outlander, Suits and Black Mirror.


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