Random Colour Challenge #2

Hey guys!

Today I’ve come back again to attempt the Random Colour Challenge once again! If you didn’t read my post about my first attempt, definitely check that out first! Again I’m using the Morphe 12P because it has a lot of bold colours that I think will be harder to pair together than other palettes. Again, I popped the colours through a randomiser and let’s see what I ended up with!



Again, because of the size of this palette, I chose to use 4 shades from the palette, to ensure I got a variety of shades. Here is what I got to play with!


I must say, I was silently excited when I saw this combo spat out of the randomiser because as soon as I saw the colours, I thought ‘WATERMELON!’. I’ve been planning a watermelon themed makeup look for some time and this was a great excuse to actually try it out!

Here are the results:

I’m pretty happy with how this look turned out! I used the pink and the lime green to blend the edges of the darker colours on the upper and lower lids. Again, I used the NYX Roll on Shimmer in Platinum to really make this look pop on the eye and I think that using the Australis Velourlips in Emerald City also made this look really come together in the end. I’m just really pleased with the look overall.


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Au revoir xxx

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