Review: LUSH Mother’s Day Collection

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to share a few of the bits and pieces that I received from LUSH’s Mother’s Day collection! I received this as PR and I really like a lot of this collection so I’m excited to share it with you! This collection is available now until Mother’s Day so if you like any of these items, make sure you purchase them soon!


How cute is all of this stuff?! There are bath bombs, bubble bars, body conditioners, soap and a lip scrub. I don’t have every piece from the collection but I definitely have most of them!

Let’s begin by talking about the product that I was most excited about; Pink Custard Shower Jelly!

I’ve always been fascinated by the shower jellies at LUSH and I was so pleased to see a little shower jelly in my little pack! Just opening the little tub, it looks like flubber is going to jump out at you in the shower but have no fear! The whole thing can be taken out in one go! You rub the whole thing on your body to make a lather and it’s really neat! This smells of tonka and lavender so it’s really lovely to use at night! Definitely would be suited to hard working mums!

Next up is Scrubee! It’s a body butter similar to Buffy, that is both moisturising and exfoliating at the same time! I LOVE these types of products because it’s such a time saver in the shower! It has both honey and cocoa butter in it so it is really hydrating, and the coconut shells and ground almonds really buff your skin. I love this product so much because it really makes your skin noticeably different post-shower/bath.

I love a good bath bomb and I think this one for Mother’s Day is super sweet! There are two variations, this is the yellow one and there’s also a pink one! It has a very citrus-y scent and it is mixed with rose to soothe those sore muscles. I haven’t used this bath bomb yet but I definitely will be soon. I’ve had a lot of full day shifts in a row so I definitely need a good relaxing evening soon!

Elsie the Giraffe is one of the cutest reusable bubble bar products I’ve seen! As the name suggests, you can use it again and again for lots of bubbly fun baths! You swish it around in the running water and it creates quite a lather. This one is another citrus scented one and I definitely think that this one will be a favourite for the fun factor!

This gorgeous bubble bar is the Your Mother Should Know bubble bar! it has a mix of rosewood, grapefruit and neroli for a really relaxing and bubbly bath. I think this one is the definition of a ‘lush’ bath.

The Sunrise soap is the most gorgeous orange shade and has such a zesty scent! Definitely one to help perk you up in the morning! Usually I’m of the opinion that soap is just soap and we all need to use it so it doesn’t matter a whole lot which one you use but this has a murumuro core that softens the skin! Perfect for those hands that are doing more dishes than they should have to be!

Finally, we have the Honey Lip Scrub! I love me a lip scrub and this one is just gorgeous. This scrub is a mix of honey scent and peppermint oil to cool and freshen, and orange oil for that pep in your step.

For these products and more, don’t forget to check out your local LUSH store or check out their website!


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