April Empties!

Hey guys!

Welcome to my first monthly empties post! In an effort to rectify my project pan, I decided to do monthly empties because there is no pressure to finish a certain amount, it’s just a time to review what I finished and whether or not I plan to repurchase! I hope that you enjoy!



 I actually can’t believe how much I’m removing from my collection this month! To be fair, I was nearing the end of a lot of products when the month started so I had a lot of products in the beginning. I’ll start by talking about the products that I finished and later I’ll talk about the ones that I’m decluttering.

So I managed to finish, a packet of Target cotton rounds, which I always repurchase. They’re only $2 and they do the job. They’re a great buy and you get loads.
I also finished up some of my Neutrogena face wipes. Since that packet has finished, I’ve not bought any more face wipes because I’m trying to be dedicated to oil cleansing my makeup off or using my cold cream, which has been really annoying for nights where I’ve kinda run out of time and I need to get to bed fairly quickly but I’m managing. They’re the best pharmacy face wipe, in my opinion. They’re very moist and remove makeup pretty well. I will still use my eye makeup remover for mascara but otherwise it’s great!
I also finished my Models Prefer eye makeup remover, which is decent but it’s cheap so it isn’t amazing. I use this whenever the oil cleansing doesn’t remove all of my makeup and it works pretty well. I will keep repurchasing but mostly because it’s cheap.
I finished up my Swisse Matte moisturiser, which wasn’t bad at all. It had a very strange consistency which is a bit reminiscent of a certain bodily fluid, I’ll let your mind go in whatever direction it wants to go. I don’t think I’ll repurchase it, for that reason, but it is decently priced and it is exactly what it claims to be, a matte moisturiser.


I finished this Skinn by Dimitri James mask and I was going to review it for mask of the month and then I realised that post wasn’t going to fit into last month’s schedule so I’m talking about it now. It pretty much did nothing and the packaging is SO deceiving. The product is only filled half way because there is a clear plastic divider that starts half way. So it looks like the product goes all the way to the top but it doesn’t! I was gifted this so thankfully I didn’t buy it. Anything from TVSN is such a scam to me and despite my efforts to teach my gift giver that that place is a con, they still purchase from there in the hope of finding some miracle product. The only reputable brand on there is Laura Geller and even that is over priced for what you get. Anyway, the only good thing about this was that it smelt amazing. It smelt just like watermelon and that was the only reason that I used it up completely. I would not recommend this at all but I also wouldn’t recommend anything from TVSN so take that with a grain of salt, I suppose.
Lastly for skincare, I finished two cleansers, one by Clinique (which was gifted to me), and one by Sukin. I loved the Sukin one and I’d definitely repurchase it when my other cleansers are finished. I also liked the Clinique one but I wouldn’t repurchase it, both for price and the fact that it isn’t cruelty free.

For makeup, I finished up the Covergirl Ready, Set, Gorgeous! Foundation, the ELF Maximum Coverage concealer and my favourite Australis Fresh and Flawless Powder. I enjoyed all of these products but I probably would only repurchase the powder, because it is excellent, where the others are just pretty good.
I also managed to finish the NYX Shine Killer Primer and it was pretty good but I wouldn’t repurchase it because I have other primers that I like a lot better.

I also finished up a travel hair spray and mini conditioner that came with my hair colour box. The Tresemme hair spray isn’t too bad but it does make my fringe a little crunchy! I’ll probably repurchase it if it’s a good price on sale!

Now, on to the products that I’m decluttering.


I’m removing the Balm Balm Shelter Tinted Moisturiser. I just don’t suit this product. It is fantastic but if I’m bothering to put makeup on, I want the coverage that a foundation gives me so it is a waste for me to have this. It is a perfect shade match and the coverage is decent. I think it is great but it’s just not for me. It’s also separated really badly so I can’t pass this on. I would recommend this if you’re in the market for a good tinted moisturiser.
I’m also removing the Manic Panic white foundation, the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet, and Hurraw! Chai Scented lip balm for similar reasons. It’s just old and the foundation has separated.
The Benefit cream shadow was gifted to me and it is a great product but it is in a colour I will never wear so I’m getting rid of it, and the Beyonce perfume is really nice but it’s just not my signature scent and it’s overwhelming me having it in my collection when I’m trying to use up others!


So that’s it for my empties this month! I hope that you enjoyed this post and are excited to see more of my rubbish next month hahaha

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Au revoir xxx

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