April Favourites!

Hey guys!

April has been such a fun month and I’m so excited to talk about everything that has made this month super fun! I hope that you enjoy!


April Favourites.jpg

1. Sally Hansen Colour Theory in Blushed Petal

I’ve been on the hunt for my perfect nude nail polish colour and I think I’ve come pretty close with this little gem. I adore the Colour Theory line and originally I was going to go with a different nude that others had recommended but I saw this and just thought I’d try it. I actually love it and it’s so strange too because it has a more peachy undertone, which usually would clash with my skin tone but I think it has just enough warmth and neutral to make it work really beautifully on my skin tone. If you’re looking for a nice polish that lasts ages and looks beautiful, this range is perfect for you!

2. HASK Treatment Oil

If you know me, you know that myself and hair treatments don’t tend to see eye-to-eye very often. I have coarse, dry hair and it needs a lot of love but I haven’t found the right combination where my hair is nice and washed, but also nourished without being weighed down and greasy looking. I think I’ve found a pretty good match in the HASK Argan and Kalahari oils! They’re only $5 a pop (but they go on sale a lot!) and they make my hair really soft and lovely without adding weight!

3. Essence Winter Glow Nail Polishes

I picked these polishes up at the start of the month and they’re just so pretty. They both have a pink shift to them and I think they really do look very wintery. To me they kinda look like snow if it was coloured hahaha. If you can find them, definitely pick them up. I’ve shared both of the colour shifting polishes on my instagram (pink/purple)!

4. Hamilton – Non-Stop

I’m still obsessed with Hamilton and so this month I wanted to share my current favourite song from the musical!

5. Rick and Morty

AHH I don’t even need to talk about this show because everyone knows how good it is and I’ve finally jumped on the bandwagon! If you haven’t started watching it, please stop whatever you’re doing and watch it. The first episode is all over the place but after that it’s perfect so stick with it!

6. The 100

This month I started watching the 100 on Netflix and I’m so obsessed! It’s about 100 juvenile criminals that are sent to Earth to see if after almost a hundred years in space, Earth is now habitable. It is really cool seeing how they try to survive and the challenges they face. I’m half way through the second season and I’m so pumped for the next season that just got released on Netflix! If you’ve ever wanted to see where Home and Away and Neighbours stars ended up, this is the show hahaha.


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Au revoir xxx

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