My 9 Favourite Makeup Artists

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to share a collection of my current favourite makeup artists. With my 100 Days of Makeup Challenge only a week and a half away (just saying that freaks me out!) I wanted to share the artists that are really inspiring me at the moment. I hope that you enjoy, and if you find someone you don’t know in this collection, make sure you give them a follow!



1. jkissamakeup

Jkissa is my favourite makeup artist for colour made easy. I think Jkissa really has an eye for interesting colour combinations and she just pulls everything off flawlessly. If you don’t know her, you’re seriously missing out. If you want to add some colour to your looks, definitely check her out for some inspiration.

2. Jordan Hanz

Jordan Hanz is hands (hanz) down my favourite makeup artist on social media. She is the true definition of an artist, in my opinion. She can do wearable makeup but better than that, she can turn her whole body into incredible pieces of art and make them look so easy. I think anyone who can show their process and make it look simple are the kinds of people that REALLY know what they’re doing. You’re going to be doing yourself a massive favour by following her, whether you’re into makeup or not.

3. Bailey Van Der Veen

I’ve been following Bailey for YEARS. We actually follow each other which is pretty special because I find her incredibly inspiring. She does really creative looks and I’m constantly flawed by her talent.

4. Kayla Hagey

Kayla Hagey is a gorgeous girl that is SO talented. I feel like I’m going to say this for everyone but she’s really inspiring. I love her YouTube channel because her tutorials are so easy to follow and I know whenever I try one of her looks, I feel like it turns out pretty well. She’s stunning, definitely check her out.

5. helenesjostedt

Helene creates incredible eye looks. I feel like there’s something beautiful posted every day without fail. If you’re in need of some beautiful eye makeup inspiration, you can’t go past this account.

6. thebriabeauty

This account is absolutely out of this world. The eye looks are all creative and very extra. I love this account because it is majority creative looks rather than wearable looks, which is great for 100 Days of Makeup Inspo because it’s something different that the majority for the makeup community aren’t doing. I just love this account.

7. kimberleymargarita_

Kimberley was featured in a lot of Facebook videos over the last few months because she’s an incredible artist whose career was fueled by endometriosis! Because she had to be home, suffering from immense pain, she started posting incredible looks to instagram and later entered last year’s NYX Face Awards! I’m sure you’ve probably heard of her before but she’s just incredible.

8. marioncameleon

During last year’s 100 Days of Makeup, I started following Marion on instagram and she just constantly posts wildly creative looks! I learned how to do lots of different kinds of looks from her, including the fluorescent liner look! I can’t wait to share that in this year’s challenge!

9. Dre Ronayne

I adore Dre both for her artistic talent and for her personality. She’s absolutely stunning and I think she’s adorable. You may be familiar with her because of her housemate and best buddy, Kelly Eden. I love how she uses colour and I love how everything has a sort of goth spin on colourful looks. Not only does she do great makeup looks, but she’s also into cosplay! Definitely check her out, I think you’ll absolutely fall in love with her.


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