My Experience Working On a Beauty Counter

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about my experience working on a beauty counter! It is a real dream come true for a lot of beauty lovers to be on the other end of the makeup counter and so I wanted to talk about my experience for those curious about what goes into working with makeup. I really hope that you enjoy!



I applied for a position on a makeup counter in my city months ago and about a month ago, they contacted me about a few positions that they had available. I was asked basic questions about what I know about customer service and about myself in general. They asked me to come to a trial shift where I’d have to try something called ‘traffic stopping’, which was a little different to regular sales techniques that I’m familiar with. Essentially you have to stop people as they’re walking and bring them into the store for a free make over. I was asked to research 6 products so that I could talk about them and know exactly how to use them on clients.

benefit outfit

On the day of my trial shift, I wore all black and they gave me a few pieces of clothing so that it looked like I worked for them. The manager quizzed me on the products that I’d been asked to research and I remembered everything really well (thank you, Uni, for giving me the skills to cram last minute). I’d never properly applied makeup to people prior to this shift but I did know about being sanitary and those sorts of things. I essentially had to give people in the department store mini makeovers, just talk to them about the products and just have a good time. Regardless of whether I got the job or not, I took this as an opportunity to talk to people about something that I really love and a brand that I really admired. I was the only one having a trial shift at that store, which was a surprise to me because from what I’d heard online, they often have a couple of people trying out together and if people aren’t doing well, they just send them home and say they aren’t right for the job, which was VERY nerve-racking to me.

I was pretty successful at getting people to stop and have a little try of some of the products. Despite having never applied makeup and being very nervous about doing so, I was actually having an amazing time applying makeup to people. It was quite daunting at first but also very exciting for me to try that out. I didn’t think I’d like that as much as I did. I really enjoyed matching foundation for people and applying mascara (which I thought I’d be rubbish at). And I even got a few sales while I was there.

Despite doing a pretty good job on my trial shift, I was unsuccessful in actually obtaining the job, which is totally fine because I am under qualified. I got a lot out of the experience, with learning that I actually enjoy applying makeup to others being one of those things. If you have the opportunity to work at a makeup counter at any point, I would highly recommend it. It is a pretty wild experience and you will work out whether it is something you’re sort of called to do. It is pretty different to traditional retail and I was definitely pushed out of my comfort zone but I never would have known that I’d enjoy it, had I not given it a go.


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