Easter Week: Decorating

Hey guys!

I love Easter, despite the fact that in the southern hemisphere, it is meant to be celebrated in the second half of the year, but I digress. I love that everyone has another excuse to spend time with their family and eat food. Being that my name is Pastelsparkles, I also really love that pastels are a big part of this time of year. I feel quite in my element among the mints, lilacs, and pale pinks. I wanted to share a little bit about how I plan to decorate my life for this holiday, and hopefully it’ll serve as a bit of inspiration if you’re feeling like you need a bit of Easter in your every day.



1. Planner Decoration

The easiest way for me to decorate is to use an Easter themed sticker kit in my planner for the week of Easter. At the time that this post goes up, you won’t be able to purchase any kits in time but this could be an idea for next year. Some brands that brought out great kits this year were Fox and Cactus, The Sticker Genie and Pretty Sticker Co.

Above is a look at my spread this week using a kit from Fox and Cactus!

2. Manicure

I don’t always paint my nails for the season but I do like painting my nails for special holidays. I feel like it’s something that I can see every day and smile at because beautiful nails are sometimes underrated. My two recommendations for this holiday come from the newly launched (in Australia) Essence Winter Glow Collection. They’re both pastels and they both have an iridescence that could even make the coldest hearted individuals smile. I also think a cute Easter accent would look great on the ring finger!

3. Home Decor

This one is an easy one and it can be cheap if you look in the right places for your items. This year and last year, the grass bunnies are really popular and despite Kmart being my go to for all things home, Target actually has cheaper bunnies this year. Spring is my favourite season so bring able to bring a bit of spring back just before winter is great with these easter decorations. Bunting is really easy and cheap to make, and painting eggs can be super fun to do with a few friends! You can use real eggs or even wooden or porcelain ones for a more permanent decoration.


I hope you enjoyed the first post of Easter week! I can’t wait to share more ways to celebrate this exciting holiday!

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Au revoir xxx

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