Graduation Outfit Ideas 2017

Hey guys!

Last year I graduated from my first degree and I planned a little look book for options that I was considering for my graduation outfit and I wanted to do it again this year because I’m graduating this Wednesday! I hope that you enjoy, and if you want to get involved with helping me decide on a style of outfit, leave a comment and vote for your favourite look!


Blue Floral Graduation Dress


Skater dress
49 AUD –

Jessica Simpson white pumps
90 AUD –

Boohoo man bag
18 AUD –

Effy Jewelry diamond stud earrings
8 250 AUD –

Round engagement ring
3 880 AUD –

EWA pendant necklace
3 915 AUD –

Diamond jewelry
I have a dress that looks really similar to this and if I don’t find anything else to wear, I’d be happy to wear an outfit like this on the day. My school colours that go with the black robe is yellow and I think the navy will compliment it nicely.
Black Grad Outfit

Monsoon fancy prom dress
98 AUD –

Jimmy Choo black pointy toe flat
780 AUD –

Ted Baker chain handle handbag
115 AUD –

Olivia Burton special occasion jewelry
130 AUD –
Another option is to go completely neutral and just wear a cute detailed black dress. I love this outfit because it is simple but it is still really cute. I don’t want anything too flashy when I’m on stage but I do want to feel beautiful and I think an outfit like this might achieve just that.
Serenity + Rose Quartz Graduation


River Island blue crop top
79 AUD –

See by Chloé side zip pants

Schutz high heel pumps
130 AUD –

Ted Baker purse crossbody
255 AUD –

Olivia Burton flower jewelry
230 AUD –

J Crew chains jewelry
39 AUD –

Oxidized jewellery
56 AUD –

1928 rose jewellery
22 AUD –

I feel like I always have to have one baby blue and pale pink look. I guess it’s just my favourite combination of colours! I really love this one because it is really romantic and it may clash a little with the yellow part of the robe but the yellow would have clashed with my outfit last year and you couldn’t even see the yellow from the front so it’s not really that big a deal.

I hope that you enjoyed the post! Don’t forget to vote in the comments!

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Au revoir xxx

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