Review: LUSH Ultrabland Cleanser

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Today I wanted to post a review of one of the items that I picked up at the Bloggers United 2nd Birthday at LUSH Adelaide! I’ve been using it every day since I picked it up and *spoiler* I’m pretty impressed with it! I hope that you enjoy the post and find it interesting if you were interested in trying it out!



I’ve been interested in purchasing a type of cold cream to cleanse my face with since I started to realise my skin was very dehydrated and my skin might not have been enjoying the cleansers that I’d been using on it. Cold creams are great for dehydrated skin and those who suffer from dermatitis because it cleanses and moisturises the skin at the same time.

You apply this cleanser right to your skin on top of your make up and with the warm of your hands, the cleanser becomes oily and breaks down your makeup. I find the best way to remove the product from your face is with a damp wash cloth. I tried just washing my face with water but it did nothing to move the oil so I did end up needing a cloth to actually remove the product.

Now, after the product has been taken off, your skin will feel like it has been moisturised as opposed to feeling stripped, like many cleansers. So if you don’t like a kind of moisturised oily feeling on your face, I wouldn’t purchase this product, or maybe just ask for a sample first. I love the feeling of my skin being hydrated so I definitely enjoy the sensation but I know it can sometimes feel like your skin isn’t clean enough.

I would only recommend using this product at night to remove my makeup rather than use it for both morning and night skin care. Something I tried for about a week was only using this product, no moisturiser, no scrub, no serum, nothing but Ultrabland. On the tub it says that if you suffer from some skin troubles, you can use just Ultrabland on its own because it moisturises and cleanses, and then slowly reintroduce products from your original routine to see what is actually benefiting your skin. Originally, I was like ‘oh, honey, no’ because I didn’t want to not use a moisturiser knowing how dehydrated my skin is but I was curious and did it for a week. During the week that I used only Ultrabland, I gained some friendly pimples and my dry skin became a bit annoying. Maybe it is still clearing out my skin on its own but I do at least want to use a hydrating mask on my skin now and use a proper morning cleanser. I know we do make our skin care too complex these days but I think this might have been too simple a routine for my skin.

Anyway, I would really recommend this product. It’s one of my favourite products that I’ve tried from LUSH. I do think that this product is popular for good reason and provided you don’t prefer to have a squeaky clean feel from your cleanser, I think you’ll really like this too. I think that this will be most suitable for those that wear a lot of makeup and those with dry and dehydrated skins. You can purchase this product from the LUSH Website or in LUSH concept stores.


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