Mask of the Month: L’Oreal Pure Clay Masks

Hey guys!

It’s that time of the month where I review another mask for you guys! Today I’m reviewing two of the L’Oreal Pure Clay Masks that they came out with a few months ago. They’re a really good price and received a tonne of good reviews so I picked up these two during the Priceline 40% off of skincare sale. I hope that you enjoy the post!



The mask claims to instantly make your skin feel fresh, clean and purified and within 7 days, your skin should be refreshed and you should be seeing a brighter complexion. As far as long term results, it claims to help your skin breathe better and it will be visibly transformed, more radiant and beautiful. And boy would I love for my skin to be shiny and new.
The three clays that are in the pure clay masks are Kaolin (for absorbing impurities and excess oil), Montmorillonite (purifies and balances), and Ghassoul(absorbs oils without causing irritation and leaves skin smooth), not to be confused with Barsoom (Mars).

These masks really irritated my skin pretty much the whole time I had it on. It really clung to my skin and tingled uncomfortably, so I was super duper worried that my skin really hated it and was trying to tell me to take it off. It is noticeably fragranced, which worried me initially but it dried down quickly and was easy to remove. One thing that I learnt within this last month is that stinging on the skin usually happens when your skin is dehydrated, and this was confirmed for me when my boyfriend tried this product and it stung him where he has seborrheic dermatitis on his face. This was later double confirmed by my doctor when they told me I had eczema and my skin everywhere was dehydrated.

After the first time using it,  I notice that this mask dries down quicker than most clay masks I’ve tried, which is great for someone like me who often doesn’t like to fluff around with masks that take 20 minutes to try down. The mask did make my skin feel very clean and purified after I’d taken it off but it did also feel like it had really been stripped. That can be a positive or a negative, depending on your skin type.


I’ve used it a few times and I don’t think that I can continue using it in the condition that my skin is in. I’ve heard from others that they’ve really enjoyed these masks, so if you have hydrated skin, be that oily, normal or combo, I definitely think you should give them a go because I do think they’re beneficial. Both of the masks I tried made my skin feel very clean and nice after but the process of having my skin hurting to achieve that is just something I don’t enjoy myself. If you have dry or dehydrated skin, stay away from these masks, but you’d probably already know that haha.


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