Bloggers United 2nd Birthday Bash at LUSH Adelaide!

Hey guys!

Today I have a really exciting post to share with you all! Blogging has presented me with a lot of amazing opportunities and one really exciting even that I went to this past weekend was the Bloggers United AU x LUSH 2nd Birthday event held at LUSH Rundle Mall. I went to an event last year when they opened up this store so it was really nice to come back for another exciting event with a blogging community that I adore! I wanted to share what we got up to at the event and what I was lucky enough to come away with. I hope that you enjoy the post!



Bloggers United AU is a group for people who blog about anything, in Australia. You can be a travel blog, a lifestyle blog, a beauty blog, a mummy blog, etc. As long as you blog, you’re totally welcome. Thanks to Bloggers United, I’ve been able to go to a variety of different and exciting events. Whenever I am invited to something, I immediately say ‘yes’ and if I have to change my plans I will because these events are seriously not to be missed. Last year, they held their first birthday party at the LUSH Marion store and because it was a smaller location, the guest list was very exclusive. This year I felt very blessed to be invited.

When we first walked into the store, we were greeted with a fresh Goodpress juice, along with a card and a pen that would be needed for a little game later on in the night. The juices were all designed to help with different skin concerns, which I thought was really neat. Mine was an antioxidant drink and it was really yummy!

We then moved on to playing a game! The card we were given had four spaces to write the four main ingredients used in LUSH’s Cupcake Face Mask! I’ve used Cupcake before and I’m quite good with herbs and seeds so I thought I was going to do pretty well in this game. The first person to write all of the answers down won a $100 gift card!
Each ingredient was presented to us by a different LUSHie;

  1. Linseed
  2. Cocoa Butter
  3. Cocoa Powder
  4. Mint

I knew mint just by looking at it and cocoa powder was also an easy one for me. The annoying one for me was Linseed because I eat it regularly in a Soy and Linseed schnitzel by Fry’s and I couldn’t identify it! UGH. But I’m really happy it went to Steph from How To Girl. Net because she won last year’s Bloggers United birthday game, so she really knows her LUSH stuff!

After the game, we could do and see one of two masks being made. I stayed downstairs to watch Cupcake being made, while upstairs, there was a demo for Catastrophe Cosmetic, one of my favourite masks from LUSH! I kind of wish I had gone upstairs to watch that one because I didn’t realise we’d only have time to see one of them being made. Watching Cupcake was fun, nonetheless!

It was great getting to know all of the ingredients that go into the Cupcake mask, besides the ‘Essential Component’, which is like KFC’s 7 Secret Herbs and Spices, top secret!

After the demonstration, we were able to chat to any of the LUSH staff, many of whom were demonstrating products around the store.

This is the Intergalactic bath bomb as it’s swirling around the bath water and then once it’s settled for a bit. I really love how the water looks once the bath water has settled down. It looks like a magical dream world and I just wanted to stick my face in it (not recommended).

One thing I really love about LUSH events is that there’s always a great range of food and I can safely eat it all! Being a vegetarian at these sorts of events can be challenging but being that LUSH is a vegetarian company, they only serve vegetarian food! Also, aren’t these cupcakes to die for?


Of course I had to get a selfie with the cupcake~*

I got to take a lot of great photos with a few of the girls with me at the event! I love coming to these events to bounce ideas off of the other bloggers in our community! We have a seriously gorgeous bunch down here in Adelaide!


Here’s the haul that I received from the event! I picked up a large Ultrabland and the Cupcake mask that was made at the event. I also received Dream Cream, Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner, a sample of Ultrabland and Buttered Brazils lip balm! I’m all set to have some really soft skin!


Thank you so much to Bloggers United and LUSH for an incredible night!

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Au revoir xxx

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