March Wishlist

Hey guys!

Last month I said I wasn’t going to continue this series as a monthly series if I didn’t have a lot of products to talk about because I don’t usually have a lot of things on my wishlist. So naturally, as soon as I say I’m not doing something, my brain went into overdrive and I had a tonne of things on what would have been a periodic wishlist post! I hope that you enjoy and maybe give me some incite into whether or not these products are worth it!



1. Illamasqua Heroine Eyeshadow

I’m still kind of on the hunt for the perfect contour shade. I love NYX HD Blush in Taupe but I really would love a shade that is a bit lighter and does look like a more natural shadow colour, rather than a done-up type of shade where it’s obvious you’re using product. Heroine might still be too dark for me but I know people rave about this as a great contour shade for pale people and I’d love to give it a chance! It’s just too bad that we’ve lost our Illamasqua counters in Australia and now have to buy online!

2. Urban Decay Electric Palette

I’ve been wanting this palette for some time and while I probably have some of these shades already in my collection, the shade Thrash just really speaks to me and I feel like I really need this lemon/lime green in my life. This palette is only $24 in the US at the moment but in Australia, it’s still $80, so I won’t be buying it from Australia if I buy it at all. I’m currently trying to look for dupes for each shade to create my own version of the palette, similar to what I did with the Kat Von D Serpentina Palette.

3. Revlon Love Is On Lipstick

I purely want this lipstick because it’s a pretty shade and because it is covered in phrases from different languages. I really don’t have a good excuse for wanting it other than I love languages and I love red lipstick.

4. Morphe 12Z Palette

Since owning the 12P Palette, I’ve been really impressed by Morphe shadows. I’m not running out to purchase them, especially not the 35 colour palettes because they’re just too big for me, but I do love these little 12 pan palettes. This palette has so many pretty colours, and potentially an overlap with the 12P but I love it anyway and I really badly want it!!

5. Nars Laguna Bronzer

I never thought I wanted this product until I was able to try the liquid verson of Laguna and really liked how the colour looked on my skin! It’s one of those products no one really talks about anymore because there are lots of new products but I do think it’s still a good staple, solid product from Nars.


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One thought on “March Wishlist

  1. I also wanted the Electric palette for so long and I finally got it a few months ago. It’s sooo good especially the lime green and electric blue! My March wish is to get another Ruby Woo lipstick from Mac. Nice post!

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