20 Pans in 20 Weeks: 3rd Update

Hey guys! Today I’m sharing my third update to my current project pan series! I’m very excited to share my progress and talk to you about my game plan now that we are over half way through the challenge!



Let’s start with what I finished this month. I managed to finish my Modelsprefer Nude palette, well I finished what I’d planned to finish. It was very exciting to finish all of the shadow that I’d planned to, especially since that was one of the harder products! I’m coming close with a few other products now and I’m excited to talk about them!

This product has honestly been the most depressing to pan because each month I see no progress. It doesn’t matter how much I use it. I suppose maybe once I see a photo from the start of the pan compared to the end, I might think I’ve made a bit. Maybe there’s a tiny bit of progress but not a lot.

I’ve pretty much hit pan on one side and I’m so pleased! I can’t believe it! I can definitely vouch for the value that this product has because it has just lasted me so damn long and it works so well. I can’t wait to finish it and then replace it!

Only a little bit of progress on this shadow. I only really started using it once my modelsprefer palette was finally finished. I’ve already got a replacement for this shadow so I’m eager to use it and make more space in my magnetic palette.

I’ve been able to completely cover up the word concealer on the bottom so I have made some progress. I might use this as a foundation because it is a pretty good match for me in summer! I’ve got about 5 concealers that I’m waiting to use and even though this one is good, I’m excited to use something else.

I’m happy to see that I’ve used up enough of this product to no longer be able to see any of the lettering! So I am seeing progress, although it is very slow progress. I definitely won’t be finishing it by the end of the pan but that’s okay. I’ll be able to try some new products after I have really worked through this one!

I didn’t use this product very often because I’ve been mad working on the other balms that are actually rubbish products so I wasn’t expecting anything here. I’ve made a bit of progress but I’m excited to move to this once the other two balms are gone!


As you can see, I’ve made a lot of progress on the Gingerbread Chapstick and pretty much no progress on the Candy Cane one but I did want to finish the Gingerbread one first because that’s the really Christmassy scent. I’ve made good progress on the Innoxa Liner and I can definitely see myself finishing it soon, potentially by next month! The Essence lipstick has so little progress and I wear it nearly every day so I don’t know why it isn’t showing more. I can’t wait to move on to a rotating lipstick cycle instead of just focusing on the one!


And that’s all for this month’s update! Only two more left to go and I cannot wait!

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Au revoir xxx

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