February Favourites!

Hey guys!

Another month has passed us by and another monthly favourites has arrived! This month really dragged for me but a lot of good things happened and I had a lot of time to think about my favourites, so for once I really have stuff to talk about haha. I hope that you enjoy!



1. Makeup Geek Foiled Shadows

Over the last month, I’ve been playing with my newer Makeup Geek shadows and I have to say, since expanding my Foiled shadow collection, I’ve really been enjoying them! I find regular pearly shadows just too ‘blah’ now. If a shadow doesn’t look like my eyelid is dripping metal, it ain’t right hahaha. I’ve been a big fan of Nostalgia and Starry Eyed this month, and even In The Spotlight has been appealing to me, despite me shying away from coppery tones.

2. Femme Fatale – Nightwing, Candy Apple, Cloud Kingdom, Alpine Skies

While some Femme Fatale pigments made it into my disappointing products post this month, these few made it into my favourites. Now I haven’t tried them all yet but so far, I’ve really loved these shades! I love the shifts and I just love how they all look on the eye. I’d highly recommend these ones!

3. Sash Cosmetics Last Dance

I wrote a review on the Sash Cosmetics lipsticks earlier this month and this was definitely my favourite shade! This shade just goes with everything and lasts so well on the lips. It’s comfortable, evenly pigmented, and has a nice semi-matte finish!

4. Dior – J’Adore

Zoe and I went on a little adventure with her gift cards (which you can read about here) and after she spent some money, the sales assistant gave us a bunch of perfume samples and I got to try out some scents that I hadn’t tried before! I really loved J’Adore and Hypnotic Poison, definitely more mature scents for me and I am definitely considering adding them to my wishlist 😉

5. Sally Hansen Colour Therapy -Therapewter and Slicks and Stones

I just purchased these within the last few days and I am already over the moon about them. I have one finger that is prone to losing the whole nail polish pretty soon after it’s dried. It just flakes off in one piece and I just can’t seem to work out why. However, these polishes just do not budge. They’re vibrant in colour and they just last. I’ve never had a polish last this long looking this good! I’ll have to add a review of these to my to do list because they really are worth talking about.

6. Fleetwood Mac – Rhiannon

I’m not sure why this song has been so stuck in my head this month but I’m certainly not complaining. I love the song so much. Fun Fact: The Feast of Rhiannon (Welsh Goddess sung about in the song) is the first of March!


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Au revoir xxx

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