Review: Braun Facial Epilator

Hey guys!

Back in November, I purchased the Braun Facial Epilator with some of my birthday money. I think it’s probably had enough trial time now for me to give some sort of review. I hope that you enjoy!



The Braun Facial Epilator claims to reveal your flawless facial glow. The kit comes with a rotating cleaning brush, similar to the Clarisonic brushes, and the epilator head. It combines two facial treatments in one device: precise epilation and gentle deep pore cleansing.

I’m quite familiar with epilators, I used to use one on my legs but I’m such a wuss that every time I would go to use it, I’d get anxious about it and just shave my legs. I’m not too great with pain even though the ones designed for your leg kinda numb your skin after a while, similar (I imagine) to the numbness from being tattooed. However, prior to this device, I’d been waxing my facial hair, focusing on my brows and my upper lip, so I was used to a painful removal process. However, I also shied away from using wax strips because I’d always have wax residue left on my face and I could never get rid of it straight away. The facial epilator solves wax issue and kinda solves the pain issue.

The facial epilator has 10 micro-openings, which are designed to catch fine facial hairs. On the cheeks, I definitely think that the epilator does a great job of removing the fine peach fuzz. I always feel baby smooth after I use it. On the upper lip where it is more sensitive, I have to be really brave because it really hurts like a bitch.

I feel like I only really need to use this once a month because the hair takes a while to grow back after being ripped from the root, which is also why this review has come so late after I first shared it on my instagram. Having used it a few times now, I do feel like the power of the product has reduced since its first use but I’m pretty sure it’s a battery thing. I also got a cleaning spray to spray it between uses and keep germs from getting to it.

As for the cleaning brush, it can be used wet or dry and gently cleanses skin pore-deep with micro-oscillations. I’ve used this both in the shower and out of the shower and I really like it. It works best with a gel cleanser and while it hasn’t made it into my every day or even every week routine, I do like to use it every now and then, now that I have the option.

There are a number of different facial epilators on the market now but I do think that this is probably the best one I’ve seen. You get the perk of having a cleansing brush and an epilator, and Braun is a pretty good company for these sorts of products. So if you’re game to try it and you see it on sale, I’d give it a go. If all else fails, you’re under warranty so you can get your mullah back. Since getting this, I’ve not gone back to wax so it’s saved me some money!


Are you brave enough to try out a facial epilator?

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