Disappointing Products #2

Hey guys!

It’s been a little while since my last Disappointing Products post because it’s taken me a while to actually have products to be disappointed in! I suppose that’s probably a good thing haha. Quick disclaimer before I start this post, what may be disappointing for me, may work for you. I don’t want you to think that you’re using a terrible product if it is working for you! Either way, I hope that you enjoy this post!



1. Essence Lights of Orient Body Splash

I know this one was limited edition so you won’t have to suffer through this product like I did but I wanted to mention it anyway in case you had any sadness about missing out on it. I loved this collection and it had a lot of products that I still use to this day. I really loved the brow pencils in particular. One product I didn’t love was the Body Splash. It wasn’t for the smell, although that wasn’t particularly spectacular, it was the fact that it was SO sticky. It had glitter in it, which I thought was really cool and would be great to use in summer. However, when summer came and I started using it, I’d pretty much have to shower straight away because the feeling would be unbearable!

2. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Range

Now this one is definitely specific to me and to my skin type. I know that this range is really great for those with dry skin. You might be asking, ‘Sarah, if you don’t have dry skin, why did you bother trying it in the first place?’ Well, reader, I have really dehydrated skin, to the point where my skin over produces oil to compensate and so I thought that I’d give it the moisture that it so desperately desired. It kind of backfired when I started seeing all of my tried and true matte base tricks become foiled by the extra moisture I had on my face. My makeup would break down before lunch time and while I was working over Christmas, a Wicked Witch of the West style look wasn’t really going to cut it. I ended up having to pass it on to my mum, who loves it. So it wasn’t a total loss but I am having to look for something else to bring back some hydration.

3. Essie Nail Polishes

Ever since I went to France in 2013, I’ve been trying to get Essie nail polishes to work for me. I bought my first one in Rouen on my exchange and it was such a pretty corally shimmer. I thought it was so pretty and shortly after I bought it, it was discontinued. I tried it so many times but the staying power of Essie nail polishes just isn’t up to par with other polishes in the same sort of price range. I have owned other colours from them and still own one today but they just don’t last. If you’re looking for a shade that’ll last a day at best, give them a go. These polishes are kinda expensive in Australia compared to others that you can pick up at Priceline so, in my opinion, I think you’re better off purchasing from Sally Hansen, who is yet to let me down with a coloured polish.

4. Femme Fatale Cordate Bounty and Star at Rest

This one is a little sad to admit, especially so soon after I gave my review and swatches earlier this month. In the swatches, both of these looked really nice on the skin. They were applied dry, which is not how I’d apply them to the face and I suppose that really was my downfall. I apply all of my pigments wet, either with a setting spray or a drop of duraline. Somehow these just lose any glitter or duochrome effect and look flat and white on the lid, which I can achieve with any old bland white shade. I come to pigments to give a look that extra oomph but these really fell flat. I’ll have to go back and try to apply them dry, risking them falling on to my face during the day but wet, they’re really underwhelming. So its more that they’re disappointing in the way I usually apply pigments, rather than completely disappointing. But it just means they are harder to use so I’ll be less likely to reach for them.

5. L’Oreal Total Coverage Foundation

This product I do actually like but it is still disappointing so I am going to still mention it. I picked this up just before L’Oreal had a sale (kill me) so I paid for this at full price, which in Australia is $30. I wish I’d read reviews for this before purchasing because this foundation really isn’t for oily skinned gals. I don’t know what they’ve done to the formula but similar to the Inglot foundation I reviewed late last year, it draws all of the oils to the top of the foundation and makes the skin look so greasy, like a McDonalds french fry (shots fired). If you’re only planning on wearing it for a few hours its really great. The coverage is fantastic and the colour range is better than the other Infallible foundations they have but you just don’t get the longevity. It doesn’t break down the foundation but I don’t know anyone who is really happy to look oily if they already have oily skin. I also heard that those with dry skin don’t do too well with it because it clings to dry patches and I don’t have many of those so I can’t really comment. So I guess if you have normal or perfect skin, go for it, but you probably won’t need the coverage haha.


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6 thoughts on “Disappointing Products #2

  1. Great post, love your direct honest review of each product. I’ve had similar experience with Essie too! Thought it was just me though, I think we all do that until late someone else speaks out. Looking forward to getting to know you better. 💋 T. x

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