Random Colour Makeup Challenge

Hey guys

With my next 100 Day of Makeup Challenge fast approaching, I’ve been really into using more colour in my every day looks and I wanted to do a challenge that would actually challenge me to get more creative with my looks. This challenge has been called many different things by many different people but the Random Colour Challenge has been recently popularised by Mariah Leonard on YouTube, using one bright palette and pulling shades out of a randomiser and hoping for the best! For this challenge, I decided to use my Morphe 12P palette because it’s pretty much all bright, bold shades and they’re all matte so that won’t be too difficult to use. Because it lacks neutrals, I have allowed myself to use a transition shade and a highlight shade, if necessary. I hope that you enjoy!



I purchased this palette in August of last year during my 100 Days of Makeup challenge so that I’d have a lot of these bold shades to do more artistic looks. I absolutely adore the palette and it is my favourite rainbow palette that I own (I own 3 and some singles). Since this palette is on the smaller side, I’ve opted to use 4 shades from the palette, to ensure I got a variety of shades and didn’t end up with 3 blues and a really monochromatic look.

I plopped all of the shades into Random.org and here are the results:


So the top four shades are the ones that I’ll be using, which are show here:


I was pretty happy with the shades that were chosen, I will admit I was like ‘oh no’ when I saw the pink chosen but I do think that this will make for a really nice look. I was very lucky to receive two shades from the same colour family and the white, so I really was very lucky with this pick.

Here are the results:

I didn’t end up using any additional shades for this look, except the glitter in the inner corner, which I’m really happy with. I actually did something different to what I’d anticipated. Originally I’d planned to use the lighter blue as a centre lid shade, the navy in the crease, the pink on the bottom and the white for highlights but I ended up picking up the light blue first and popped that in the crease by mistake and then just rolled with it. So I ended up using the lighter blue as a transition, the navy in the crease and the outer third of the lid, the white on the lid and brow bone and the pink along the bottom lash line.

To make the look blend together nicely, I blended some navy into the outer third of my bottom lash line over the pink so that it created a bit of a purple colour. I think this really made it look like I’d intentionally picked the colours to use them together, rather than just trying to make a bad colour selection work. I also think that with false lashes and glitter on the inner corner, this turned into a look I’d probably wear again. It is pretty out there but I also think it actually works.


I also really loved that this was all matte until I added the glitter, because normally I’d pop a shimmer on my lid but I liked changing it up. I really want to do this again some time soon and hope that the colours will be even harder to pair together. If you liked this post, definitely let me know in the comments because I had a lot of fun!


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