Valentine’s Day: How to Celebrate it!

Hey guys!

Whether you’ve got a partner or not, celebrating Valentine’s Day can be a really fun time and there is a tonne of stuff that you can do. Whether you’re exchanging gifts with friends or loved ones, going out to dinner or just sending V-Day Card memes on social media, everyone seems to end up celebrating somehow. I really don’t subscribe to the notion that people should be anti-Valentine’s Day. Its a day to celebrate love, in whatever form that comes in. Today I wanted to share how I plan on celebrating it and how you might like to! I hope that you enjoy!



1. Valentine’s Day Makeup Look

This idea is probably the easiest to achieve with the things you already own. I love to wear themed makeup looks for different occasions/holidays throughout the year. For this look, I used:

The Balm Meet Matt(e)rimony – Matt Lin, Matt Rossi, Matt Kumar, Matt Reed
Femme Fatale – Star at Rest
Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner
Essense Mascara
Sash Cosmetics – Kiss It Better
Innoxa Lip Liner – Ruby Red


2. Valentine’s Day Nail Picks

Barry M – Medditerranean
Kester Black – Cherry Pie
ROKK96 – Ruby


3. Valentine’s Week Spread

I’ve mentioned a few times that I’m really into planner decorating and I’m super excited to share this week in my planner with you. This kit is by Lovely Rose Prints for my Erin Condren Life Planner. If you’re interested in seeing any of my other spreads and any other planner related things, check out my planner instagram

4. Valentine’s Day Outfit

Last year, I did a whole post dedicated to a variety of looks for Valentine’s Day, and I think it’s a really fun way to celebrate the day. Whether you dress in the traditional Valentine’s Day colours or you just dress up for however you plan on spending the day, having a themed outfit is a really great way to have some fun this Valentine’s Day.


5. Galentine’s Day

Now this one is for the sister without partners. A day that I believe was created by super woman, Leslie Knope, Deputy of the Parks Department in Pawnee, Indiana (Parks and Recreation). Traditionally celebrated today, on the 13th of February, you celebrate with all of your gal-pals and enjoy the day, whether you’re in love or not. I think it’s a great idea, fiction or not, to have a special day dedicated to your pals who’ve assisted in the enjoyment of your existence. I suppose it doesn’t matter which day you celebrate it on but if you don’t have a significant other and you still wanted to celebrate so that you didn’t feel left out, this might be a great idea for you!


Whatever you end up doing, I hope that you have a really great day, this Valentine’s Day

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