Makeup Geek Haul + Swatches!

Hey guys!

I made a Makeup Geek order on Black Friday and after many angry emails to Australia Post, I came to accept that my order had been lost in the post and I got in contact with Makeup Geek to resolve it. Makeup Geek’s customer service, as always, is perfection and they sent out a replacement of my order and it arrived this week so I really wanted to share what I received and how they swatched! I hope that you enjoy the post as much as I enjoyed swatching and playing with my new pretty things!



There wasn’t a sale on the individual shadows for Black Friday, I was just in an excited spendy mood after I had just ordered the Tarte Blush Wheel (which also never arrived and I’ll never throw my money at Sephora AUS again, thanks). I’d been after all of these shades for a while so I took the opportunity to purchase these, with the intention of wearing these to work, actually. I thought they’d all make for appropriate lid shades (bar Secret Garden) and I could feel really special for work, but alas, they never arrived before my contract finished so now I have these pretty shadows and nowhere to wear them (woe is me).


Starting from the top left, going clockwise we have Starry Eyed (foiled), Nostalgic (foiled), In the Spotlight (foiled), Blacklight (duochrome), Secret Garden (duochrome), Whimsical (foiled), Cinderella, and Baby Face.

I already owned two foiled shadows, so I already knew the formula and what to expect but I didn’t have two shades that I honestly got a lot of use out of. I love my foiled shadows but they aren’t as effortless to wear as these new ones that I picked up. I was very eager to try the duochrome shadows, particularly these two shades because I adore green eyeshadow and when I saw this one swatched when it was first released I was so drawn to it. The same can be said for the purple (with blue reflect). Secret Garden is a tad disappointing but that could be because I had hyped it so much in my mind and it could also be because I didn’t give it the best swatch. I’ll only really be able to tell when applying it to my eyes but it did seem to lack a bit of base colour pigmentation. The base colour is a blackened green and the shift is a lighter, emerald green, which is stunning but the blackened green was lacking upon original swatch. Blacklight wasn’t a disappointment in the slightest.


Top to bottom: Secret Garden, Blacklight, In the Spotlight, Starry Eyed, Nostalgic, Whimsical, Cinderella, and Baby Face.

The two original formula shadows were great. I love Makeup Geek mattes, I think they’re smooth and really nicely pigmented. And I believe I picked up Cinderella because it was meant to be a dupe for Too Faced Marzipan from the Chocolate Bar Palette and I want to have every dupe known-to-man because that’s my favourite shade but I don’t believe that this is a dupe at all. It is a really pretty colour though.

I have a swatch video on my instagram so that you can see the shift easily, although the quality was eaten by instagram. You can view the video here >> vid


Here is my Makeup Geek palette now, filled with the new shades. I love the palette so much. My only additions would probably be some greeny shades and the black but I’m very happy with how it looks.


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