Haul: Priceline 40% Off Skincare!

Hey guys!

My last post was all about what I was hoping to pick up during the sale and today I wanted to share with you my haul! The sale is still on today and tomorrow so if you still have bits and bobs that you want to pick up, now is the time! I hope that you enjoy the post!



Items that I picked up:

L’Oreal Clay Mask in Purify

L’Oreal Clay Mask in Detox

Neutrogena Night Calming Facial Wipes

Neutrogena Facial Sunscreen 30+SPF

Sukin Charcoal Moisturiser**

Sukin Charcoal Cleanser **

Sukin Charcoal Mask**

Yes to Tomatoes Daily Moisturiser**

Egyptian Magic Cream*

Modelsprefer Eye Makeup Remover*(* possibly)

Mitchum Men’s Unscented Deodorant**

Asterisk meanings: Cruelty Free* CF and Vegan**

I ended up spending $107.83 and saved $43.13, which is fantastic! I’m very excited to dig into these items! Let me know if you want any reviews on any of the items I’ve picked up. The masks will be part of an on going mask review series, so if you’re interested in that, stay tuned!


What did you pick up during the sale?

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Au revoir xxx

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