Priceline 40% off Skin Care Sale!!

Hey guys!

It’s that magical time again when Priceline have their 40% off of skincare, suncare, and tanning sale! The sale starts tomorrow and finishes on Thursday so this is the perfect time to make your lists (and check them twice) and stock up on skincare for the year. I hope that you enjoy this post!


1. Sukin Oil Balancing Range

I recently purchased the oil balancing charcoal scrub from this range and I’m really enjoying it so I thought I should give a few other items from this range a go. I tend to purchase ranges during this sale so that I can try them out and see how my skin likes them. I like this range because it is on the natural side and it is already pretty cheap so you really can’t go wrong as a poor, oily-skinned hooman.

2. L’Oreal Pure Clay Mask

Now I haven’t done too much research about these three masks but honestly they all seem very similar so I don’t really mind which one I end up picking up. I’m hoping to do some sort of monthly mask review series on my blog this year, starting next month, so I want to grab one of these to test out and review!

3. Goodness Moisturisers

I was really interested in trying out this range when they first hit the shelves and some of my friends had received sample packs! I’ve only heard good things about the brand and they’re very affordable so it wouldn’t cost a lot to trial!


4. SunSense Moisturising Facial Lotion 50+SPF

I’ve been looking for a facial sunscreen for a while because I know I don’t look after my skin as well as I could and in Australia (especially in summer) the sun is particularly harsh on our skin. It is super important to me to find a good facial sunscreen and what better time to buy one than when they’re 40% off!


5. Egyptian Magic All Purpose Cream

This stuff has fascinated me for about 6 months and with the sale, I’m pretty keen to give this a go. It isn’t cruelty-free at all, which is a bit of a downside but I would like to try it and see if it is any good because you’re meant to be able to use it however you like. Face, body, even hair!


So that’s it for my new-to-me items on my wishlist for the 40% off sale! Of course, I’ll also be picking up some staples. What do you plan on picking up? Do you have any opinions on what I am considering picking up? Let me know in the comments!

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