Best AliExpress Buys!

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to share my favourite buys from AliExpress! AliExpress is kinda like a chinese eBay? There’s lots of little shops that sell lots of different items. I won’t be sharing any fake makeup here because I know that’s controversial, but AliExpress has a lot of other great, affordable things that I think you need in your life! Obviously if you want to buy fake makeup, that’s up to you. I don’t want people to feel ashamed for buying it because people have tonnes of reasons for wanting to buy fakes! I hope that you enjoy this post x



1. Fidget Cube

When I first saw this item pop up on Facebook as a way to ‘scratch that nervous itch’, I wanted it really badly. As I’ve mentioned before, I suffer from Dermatillomania, and part of why I suffer from it is that I need to keep my hands active in some way otherwise I pick at my skin or I tear up paper, things like that. I also pick off my nail polish and while I was working at Pandora, that really wasn’t the best thing, especially when customers look at your hands all day. So my solution to that was the Fidget Cube, the only issue was it was $25 and I wasn’t willing to pay that much for a little plastic cube with a few little knobs and buttons on it. I was on AliExpress and thought to search it and BOOM, jackpot. There are so many on there for around the $7 mark, which I think is WAY more reasonable for this type of product. It’s exactly the same too so I think it’s so cheeky that the company that sells them would sell them for so much and probably buy them from AliExpress themselves. Even if you don’t end up loving it, it was only $7 so what do you really have to lose?

2. Selfie Light

Another item that I found online that was severely overpriced. I first found this product through Nikkie Tutorials and the place that she got hers from sold them for like $35 and the shipping was crazy too. Even with Nikkie’s coupon, the thing was still expensive to get to Australia so I looked on AliExpress and you bet they had the goods for me. On AliExpress they were selling for around $15 when I bought mine, with free shipping. You can probably get it for less now, when things are new they’re more expensive, so if you’re not desperate for it, wait a little bit and it’ll get cheaper. Mine works perfectly and I used it a lot in my 100 Days of Makeup challenge last year!

3. Nail Display Sticks

I shared these on Instagram the other week when they arrived and I love them so much. I paint my nails really regularly and I like to keep track of what I have so that I know my options in a visual way. I got a pack of 50 that connect on one ring for about $3, which is nuts. Definitely purchase this if you love your nail polish. I feel like I work in my own personal nail salon.

4. False Lashes

This one is a no-brainer really. The only brand I’m willing to spend money on is Ardell Lashes because they’re great and cheap. However, when I’m feeling very cheap or I need a style for a certain look that I won’t be using daily, there’s nothing better than grabbing a cheeky ten pack for $5.

5. Makeup Brushes

Similar to the false lashes situation, I’m a cheap b*tch and I often want to pay $10-20 for 5 brushes that might be shit rather than pay $30-40 for one in Australia. I know when the oval brushes trend started, I knew I’d never purchase from Artis but I wanted a face one for foundation because I didn’t want to waste high end foundation so I bought a few on AliExpress! I don’t love them like my traditional brushes but for foundation it’s not bad. I’m glad I bought cheapies because I got to see whether or not I’d like the style. So whether you want something different or just a pretty set of cheap brushes, AliExpress might be your best bet.

6. Stickers and Washi Tape

This one is a bit of a unique situation where I purchased a bunch of stuff from an Etsy seller and then months and months later, I found the exact washi and stickers on AliExpress for less than a third of the price I bought them for on Etsy and I was steamin’ because I just realised I was buying from a reseller, which is so cheeky!! So I just buy my cute washi from AliExpress now because I don’t need the inflated price for the same wait time as if I purchased from AliExpress! Check it out if you love scrapbooking or planning!


This is only a snippet of the endless products that are offered on AliExpress! What are you favourite Aliexpress purchases?

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5 thoughts on “Best AliExpress Buys!

  1. I actually love Aliexpress! They sell some really high quality crystal jewellery (the chains can be a bit iffy) and for some things like embroidered socks, chokers, little bits like that they’re great 🙂 and theyre stationery is so cute!xx

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  2. I bought SO MUCH jewellery and headbands from aliexpress at one stage XD I regret nothing. Admittedly the jewellery didn’t last but honestly it was the same quality as stuff I got from Diva or Lovisa and at one tenth the price so I was happy! I also bought a stack of really cute watches – they didn’t have great lifespans either but for the price I paid I didn’t mind at all. They were really unique and I got so many compliments! I never thought to get planner stuff from there though – that’s an awesome idea!

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