Anti Haul #2

Hey guys!

Today I’m bringing you my second Anti-Haul post. All credit to this series goes to the beautiful Kimberly Clark, without whom, I may never be as savvy a consumer. As I mentioned in my previous Anti-Haul post, this post is filled with things that I’m not gonna buy, either due to unnecessary hype or because it just does not suit my needs. If you love any of these items, please don’t take offence. What works for you may not work for me and vice versa! I hope that you enjoy the post.



1. Anything by Storybook Cosmetics

Now you have probably heard of this brand because they have a bunch of cool ideas for nerds and fans of pop culture. The key word here is they have a bunch of cool IDEAS, and not products. Their instagram account is filled with concept pictures and the only real product they have are the Harry Potter wand brushes. They have so many palettes and brushes that are based on things that need rights to actually sell the product with that theme, some of those rights being too expensive for them to probably obtain, yet they share their concept art for everything. It bugs me to no end because they post so much concept stuff and then make posts complaining that brands are copying their work when they literally will just give their ideas out to the public. I don’t think they have any idea of what they’re doing. That and they create brushes that ideally a meant to be stored with the brush hair facing down otherwise you can’t really see the handle, and no one should be storing their brushes upside down if they want brushes that function properly. Until they have a solid set of good products, I have no interest in the brand. I don’t need it and I’m not gonna buy it.

2. Silisponge

I’ve gotten a few requests to try this product out and I can’t even begin to tell you all of the reasons why I will not. In theory, this product sounds like a great idea, it doesn’t use as much product, it’s easy to clean and won’t harbour bacteria. All fantastic! All an improvement of the beauty sponge. But the only issue is it doesn’t actually work. Countless reviews will tell you that. It doesn’t matter how many people review it, people still want to try it and sure, go and try it, but you will end up going straight back to your beauty sponge or brush in no time. No one has half an hour every morning to dedicate to shitty foundation application alone. I don’t need it and I’m not gonna buy it.

3. Anything ‘Stinky Peach’

I used to be a big fan of Too Faced as a brand until 2016, when they just pumped out 100 products and gave 100 sneak peeks for products that weren’t expected to actually be released for another 100 months. They get a slap on the wrist just for that. But as far as the Sweet Peach collection goes, I have a few issues that I want to address. This is the real one that I can see people challenging me on because I know a lot of people still enjoy Too Faced. The Sweet Peach palette was a limited edition palette, like many others that came out around the same time from Too Faced. Due to it being limited edition, everyone ran out to buy it so that they wouldn’t miss it, later to find that the quality was seriously lacking in the peach shades, for which the palette is named after, and that there were only 3 peach shades among the 18 shades. Later in the year, Jerrod released an add of him as James from James and the Giant Peach, riding a big Peach across the world to give people Sweet Peach Palettes for Christmas, announcing that the palette would be rereleased before Christmas so that people could purchase it as a gift for their loved ones, and not only would there be the Sweet Peach palette, but a whole bunch of products to expand the Sweet Peach collection. None of which have had raving reviews. And so many people had issues with them shipping the palettes, most people didn’t receive their palettes before Christmas. There was so much drama. Too Faced have seriously disappointed me this year and because of that, I won’t be buying anything from this collection and I don’t know if I can support them in the future, knowing they are just a big gimmick company. I don’t need it and I’m not gonna buy it.

4. “Holographic Highlighters”

Everyone loves a bit of holographic goodness and myself, a holosexual, needs the holo to function. So when I heard holographic highlighters were a thing, I was extremely excited and watched a bunch of reviews, only to find that they weren’t holographic, but plain old duochrome. I really only have an issue with these products because they are mis-marketed. You can’t have holographic without glitter, you just can’t. Duochrome, on the other hand, is much easier to achieve and I love duochrome! Just don’t go calling it holographic. I don’t need it and I’m not gonna buy it.


So there you guys go! What are you not gonna buy? Leave it in the comments!

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7 thoughts on “Anti Haul #2

      • Yeah. I love my milk chocolate soleil bronzer and I bought a friend the semi sweet choc bar palette… but I think they are going a bit crazy. It doesn’t help that they send shitloads of PR packs and people rave about it… then it sells out. People buy into the hype, demand more, but then when the masses get their hands on it they realise it’s just hype!

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  1. Oh my gosh, yes about storybook! “Hey guys here’s what we COULD make but we won’t because we will never get the rights…”
    They even had to stop selling the Harry Potter wands and create their own “wizard wands” because Warner threatened to sue them as they didn’t have permission…

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