My Pandora Collection

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to share with you my Pandora Collection, because yesterday, I had my last shift with the company! It was the best job that I’d ever had and I’m so glad for the opportunity that I had to work with them and to celebrate that time, I thought I’d share all of the beauties that I own! I hope that you enjoy!





The first bracelet that I had was my ‘Disney’ bracelet. My Nonna bought me this bracelet for my 16th birthday and I slowly filled this bracelet for the last 5 years. I pretty much had all of these charms prior to working for the company, the only exception is the Disney Safety chain that I added recently because I wanted to use the safety chain that had been on this one for another bracelet. This bracelet has three sections, separated by clips, for each of my favourite princesses. The green section is for Tiana (Princess and the Frog), the blue section is Cinderella, and the purple section is for Belle (Beauty and the Beast)!


The second bracelet that I own is my pink/floral themed bracelet. I consider it to be my ‘Secret Garden’ bracelet. My brother bought me the base bracelet for my birthday this year and everything but the safety chain is new! Crazy, I know. Due to my birthday and Christmas falling during my contract, I decided to make the most of it and most people either gave me money or picked things from my wishlist for me to purchase! Because I filled this bracelet very quickly, it’s a little tight on me and I need to take a few charms off so I can wear it until it stretches. I liked wearing this bracelet to work because it was my most cohesive piece, especially when compared to my Disney bracelet.


This is my Christmas bracelet. I didn’t want to have a traditional Christmas bracelet because I feel like I’d only be able to wear it once a year and I hate that. I chose items from the Celestial Tales Christmas collection and expanded on that theme with other items in the store. I spent $150 to get the limited edition Christmas bracelet this year, it has a snowflake clasp and ‘unique as you are’ engraved on the actual bracelet. I love that because it’s not obviously Christmas, I can wear this all year.


Finally, this is my Essence bracelet. Essence is a really cute collection and every charm has a different meaning. This is my Steven Universe bracelet and while I was mainly working by colour theme, I did try to make the meanings match each character as well. From left to right, we have Garnet (Happiness – Synthetic Ruby), Steven (Friendship – Pink Crystal), Amethyst (Faith – Synthetic Amethyst), and Pearl (Balance – Mother of Pearl). Not sure why but within only a few weeks of owning this, the amethyst charm had a crack in it and I don’t know if it was there when I bought it or not but I kinda like it, so long as it doesn’t fully break off. Amethyst is a tough and strong character and she definitely has a chip on her shoulder so I think it adds to the character of the bracelet.



This charm is the limited edition Christmas bauble charm for 2016 and I wore it as a pendant over Christmas. I really love it and I think it’s super cute! I bought this charm as a memento for my time at Pandora because this charm was made available only for Christmas 2016! You can still purchase it now but only until stocks last!


These are my stackable rings. I only had one ring from Pandora when I started working there and it was the Lapis Lazuli September Birthstone ring, which represents the month that my boyfriend Frankie and I started dating! When I knew I wanted to make the Christmas bangle, I knew I wanted the Trail of Stars ring and I bought the bubble ring because it matched my birthstone ring! I also love the little sparkling droplets ring because it’s dainty but still a bit sparkly. It would be perfect for work where you might have a jewellery dress code! I know a lot of people who can’t wear over the top jewellery purchase this one, although I could certainly wear over the top jewellery if I wanted at Pandora haha.


These are my statement rings. The left and the right rings were both purchased by  Frankie and the middle one was partially a gift from Pandora because I bought it with a gift card that they gave me for Christmas! The one on the left was bought for our three year anniversary, along with the pair of earrings that I’ll be showing next. It has mother of pearl in one heart (me) and a little gold heart beside it (Frankie). I love this ring a lot and I wear it on my ring finger of my left hand. The right ring was purchased because I had a dream where Frankie and I got married and had a very simple wedding. On my ring finger I was wearing the gold version of this ring! I had this dream about a week before my interview with Pandora and I like to think of it as the sign of me getting the job in the future. So I like this ring both as what it meant in my dream and what it turned into in reality haha. The middle ring is just very pretty and antique feeling, which is why I love it and because I only just got it recently, I don’t have any sentimental feelings about it just yet but I’m sure soon enough, I will.



Lastly, these are the earrings that match the ring I was talking about. My phone was having a really hard time focusing, probably because my nails were so sparkly, so you can’t really see how pretty they are but if you check them out online, I’m sure you’ll understand what they look like!


So that’s my full Pandora collection! I have so many items and I love them all. I have always loved Pandora jewellery and it was a complete privilege to work for the company and have a better understanding of the products.

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Au revoir xxx

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