Battle of the Liquid Lips

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Welcome to the epic battle of the liquid lips! Today, I’ve chosen 5 liquid lipsticks from my collection that’ll battle it out to determine which out of the bunch is worth your cashola! I wore them all for a whole day and I documented my thoughts from first application to removal! Today’s contestants are; Australis Velourlips in PA-REE, Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Patina, Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Scorpio, NYX Lingerie in Embellishment and finally, TheBalm Meet Matt(e) Hughes in Charming! I wonder who will be victorious.



1. Australis Velourlips in PA-REE – $10.50AUD

First in the ring is the Australis Velourlips in the shade PA-REE, it is a nudey-brown shade and the formula is whipped. It is definitely the most moussey of the liquid lips that are battling today and that has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Many of Australis’ products are vegan and the brand is cruelty-free.


Application: The doe-foot applicator on this product makes smoothing the mousse formula on to the lips nicely very easy. I don’t have trouble making my application smooth and even on the lips. This shade in particular is even in pigmentation, but some other shades (darker, mostly) do vary in pigmentation. You can definitely feel the lipstick on the lips but it isn’t uncomfortable at all at this point.

After eating: This lipstick can bunch up a bit on the lips and not reapply too well but if you are eating oily food, it will come off pretty easily and you can more or less just start again fresh. It doesn’t survive well with food and I think that is mainly due to it’s mousse formula, which doesn’t completely dry down so that the moisture is locked in and lovely.

Reapplication: As I said, reapplication can be a bit tricky if you’ve got texture on your lips or some parts have bunched up but it isn’t too hard to get it nice and smooth on the lips if you wipe away the bunched parts. It can get a little drying on reapplication though because you will be rubbing at the lips to make them smooth.

Removal: This part really isn’t too bad at all. It comes off very easily with a face wipe. I’ve never had a reaction from one of these lipsticks so I have nothing more to report, really.

2. Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Patina – $36AUD

Next up is Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in the shade Patina. It is a deeper mauve and this formula is definitely more on the wet, liquidy side of liquid lipsticks.


Application: The applicator is flat and very flexible. It is a bit harder to apply, in my opinion, and it is easy for there to be product build up on the rim of your lips when applying. It doesn’t take too long to dry and it is nice and very pigmented. Once it dries, it gets a bit tingly and that can be a bit irritating but this may just be a personal thing. I might be allergic to an ingredient in the product.

After eating: This lipstick fades super nicely after eating. It ombres into your natural lip colour, which almost looks like another look in itself. It doesn’t get an ugly ring around the inside of the lips or bunch up. It isn’t uncomfortable or drying. It is really nice even after eating and drinking.

Reapplication: You certainly wouldn’t need to reapply this lipstick, as I mentioned before, it fades really nicely. If you were to reapply it, it does layer very easily and doesn’t bunch up or cling to any parts where the old lipstick was before.

Removal: Removal with a face wipe is pretty easy. It doesn’t take long to take it off but once it is off, my lips do sometimes have little red marks on them, as if they were stung or I’d bitten my lips. So I do think that I’m probably allergic to something in this product, which is really disappointing because I do think it is quite nice, overall.

3. Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Scorpio – $18USD/$25AUD

Next up is the Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in the shade Scorpio. It is a muted, grey purple and this formula is very thin and liquidy, but very pigmented. This line is vegan and cruelty-free.


Application: The applicator on this product is pretty unique. It looks like a doe foot applicator and a ice cream scoop had a baby. The scoop holds the perfect amount of product so that you can get a one-swipe-application. This is a very thin formula and can be a bit tricky to apply but the colour on this one is very even and pigmented. Some of Jeffree’s other colours are a bit streaky and patchy though and they certainly vary from batch to batch, so his line is a bit of a gamble sometimes.

After eating: This product doesn’t fade nicely at all after eating, which I don’t expect it to but it would be nice if it did, considering it’s near to the price of the Stila one, when you factor in shipping. The product bunches up a lot and can give “butthole lips” very easily.

Reapplication: Because this product bunches up a lot, if you don’t remove that part of the product on the lips, it makes reapplication very difficult. Due to the formula being so thin, reapplication over bumps isn’t very forgiving so your lips really need to be in tip-top condition when reapplying. The same can be said for initial application.

Removal: Definitely another easy to remove formula. I remove it with a face wipe and I don’t need to tug it to remove it.

4. NYX Lingerie in Embellishment – $14.95AUD/$7USD

Next up is the NYX Lingerie in the shade Embellishment. It is a nudey, cool-toned mauve, similar to the last shade and this formula is also very thin and liquidy. However this isn’t nearly as pigmented as the last shade and is a bit streaky but we’ll talk about that in a little bit. This line is debatably cruelty-free (owned by L’Oreal but doesn’t test on animals).


Application: The applicator on this product is the same as the Stila one, long and flat. Again, I really don’t prefer these types of applicators and I especially don’t see this applicator benefiting this type of formula because it just moves the product around and leaves the application looking very uneven. This is product has a thin formula and really needs a second coat to actually make it look half decent but for this battle royale, I decided to not give it a second coat because no other shade needed one and it wouldn’t be fair to give it one. I’m not sure if there are better shades in the line because this is the only one I’ve tried but I’m not likely to try more without receiving them for review.

After eating: This product fades pretty nicely with food. I don’t have many complaints in that department because it looked more or less the same as it did on first application. There was a little bit of lipstick bunching in the inner corners of my mouth but none elsewhere.

Reapplication: This product reapplied pretty evenly but because of it’s thin formula, it’s not forgiving over those mini bunches in the inner corners so if you already had texture on your lips, don’t count on this lipstick assisting your situation.

Removal: Definitely another easy to remove formula. I remove it with a face wipe and I don’t need to tug it to remove it.

5. TheBalm Meet Matt(e) Hughes in Charming – $19.95AUD/$17AUD

Finally, the Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes in the shade Charming. It is a mid-toned rose colour and on me, I think it is a pretty flattering shade. I definitely think this would look stunning on a wide variety of skin tones. This line is cruelty-free.


Application: The applicator on this product is your standard doe foot applicator. The formula is extremely pigmented and the scent is absolutely hypnotic. The scent on this product is very minty and reminds me of choc-mint ice cream, so it’s instantly in the lead just for this factor.

After eating: This product has some awesome staying power. After eating there was almost no fading or grossness. I was really impressed with how this looked after eating and after hours of wear.

Reapplication: There wasn’t a need for reapplication but because I had work, I reapplied to make it look fresh and there were no dramas.

Removal: Definitely another easy to remove formula. I remove it with a face wipe. One thing I do want to point out was that I had a four hour shift and by the end of it, the inner part of my lipstick had disappeared but didn’t look ugly. I do think that if I had a darker or bolder lipstick, this would have looked a bit rubbish.

Final Verdict:

After each liquid lip was tested and reviewed based on all pros and cons, I feel as though my overall favourite would have to be Stila’s Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Patina, however, because I am allergic to something in it, I am going to have to say that for myself, it would be theBalm’s Meet Matt(e) Hughes in Charming. I’d highly recommend the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks, I’ve only ever heard good things about it and based on my experience with it, I would definitely recommend trying one. If the cruelty-free status is more appealing, try the Meet Matt(e) Hughes because I also think they’re pretty fantastic.


I definitely think I want to do this again sometime and rank my liquid lipsticks properly. If you enjoyed this type of post, let me know!

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