Review: Essence Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Collection

Hey guys!

If you’ve followed me for a little while, you’ll know I like to purchase items from most Essence collections and try them out. Essence is a bit of a hit or miss brand (mostly hit) and because they’re so cheap, I don’t mind running the risk of purchasing a dud. The most recent collection to appear at Target (and maybe Priceline?) is the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Collection, which contains bright lipstick shades, an eye palette, a highlighter, and a few other items. I picked up the highlight and the little eye quad! I hope that you enjoy this post!




The highlighter is in the shade Lady’s Night and the quad is in Just Me and My Girls.

The highlight has a really gorgeous heart embossing on it and I think that’s really the only selling point of this product. It says on the back that this product is meant to give a soft shimmer to the cheeks but I think Essence are really reaching with that description because it gives off basically no shimmer whatsoever. It is almost just a waste of time on the face. What it might be alright for is an under eye highlight but that’s pretty much it. It looks really pretty in the pan but I’m not sure that it’s worth spending the money just to have something pretty in your collection collecting dust.

While the highlight was disappointing, the eyeshadow quad was not. All of the shades in the quad are metallic so you probably couldn’t get a complete look with this but you could definitely use these as ‘lid shades’. This palette and a matte palette like one of the Balm Meet Matt(e) palettes would work really great together. I’ve used all of the shades and some definitely work better than others. The taupe and the light pink/champagne are stunning and very metallic, where the pink and the bronze need a bit more building up to look really nice on the lid. Regardless, the palette is really nice and I would recommend picking this one up if you were planning on picking anything up.

I wasn’t as interested in the other products in the collection because I definitely own too many lip products and I know the colour and formula that I prefer. In this collection, there are more warm, bright tones in a creamy/lustre formula, rather than opaque and satin. Kind of reminiscent of an ice lolly on the lips. It isn’t my taste but it may be yours so if you’re interested, they aren’t too expensive to take a gamble on them. Essence do many really nice lipsticks, especially for their low price.


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