20 Pans in 20 Weeks: 1st Update!

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to post my first update for my current project pan! I have finished a few products and I’m seeing some good progress on others! I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you and my plan for this project pan in the coming months! I hope that you enjoy!



I managed to finish a few items and in true Sarah fashion, I threw them away but none of them had pan to show so I feel like you won’t be dissatisfied by not getting to see those products. The products that I finished were the Essence Lights of Orient Brow Definer, the LUSH Lip Scrub in The Kiss from the Valentine’s Day collection, the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Harder and the Essano Rosehip Oil. So so far, I’ve finished 4 products in four weeks, which I think is a good position to be in being a fifth of the way through the challenge!

On the left is the initial photo and on the right is the 1st update photo! I’ve made a lot of progress on this Inglot solid perfume because I’ve been able to wear this to work and reapply as I need to. I love the scent so much so it’ll be sad when this is finally done. I believe I can finish this by the next update.

On the left is the initial photo and on the right is the 1st update photo! I’m pretty much at the same point in the bottle but I have been using this perfume a lot. I don’t even know if I’ll finish it by the end of the project but if it isn’t finished, I’ll just remove it because it’s too old. I’m really loving using it and rotating it with the Inglot solid perfume.

On the left is the initial photo and on the right is the 1st update photo! I definitely see some progress on this one. I have thinned out all of the edges of the product and we should start seeing progress on the sides in the next update (fingers crossed). As I’ve said before, I am excited to finish this one up so I can purchase a matte paint pot.

On the left is the initial photo and on the right is the 1st update photo! You can see the progress on this one too but I only used it a handful of times during the month so I wasn’t expecting to see too much really. This was my back up cream shadow for when my other one runs out, so I didn’t expect to see the progress that we’re seeing here!

On the left is the initial photo and on the right is the 1st update photo! I feel like we can see the most progress on the cream shadow but I’m surprised to see so much progress on the red-ish shade and the shade above it! When all of the shades that have dips in it are finished, I’ll call this one done. I really love it but restricting myself to using it is making me like using it less, I must admit.

On the left is the initial photo and on the right is the 1st update photo! I pretty much see no progress on this one because I only use a small amount of this every day under my eyes! I’m really enjoying it, regardless and am happy to keep using it.

On the left is the initial photo and on the right is the 1st update photo! I can’t believe I hit pan!! I was so surprised when it happened! I’ve been using this as both a face highlighter and a body highlighter now that my skin is seeing the sun a bit. Because I’ve hit pan on this, I may slow my usage of it down. I have a lot of highlighters that I really want to use and this one is holding me back a bit. I’m going to use this more for body highlighting and see if I can still get some use out of it but as far as every day facial highlighting, I’m taking at least a month break.

On the left is the initial photo and on the right is the 1st update photo. I have almost no progress on this, which was expected, even though I use it every day. I think it’s going to take me a really long time to see any progress but I’m happy to stick to this and hopefully, by the end of the project, I’ll at least have hit pan.

On the left is the initial photo and on the right is the 1st update photo! I didn’t use this too many times this month but I am about half way down the product in the centre. I was focusing on my other lip balms this month with Christmas being in that month and those balms were Christmas scents so I wasn’t expecting to see progress.

For an easier visual on my progress with my lip balm, I marked it in my note book. On the left, I have Chapstick Ginger Bread, and on the right, I have Chapstick Candy Cane. It looks like I have  made the same progress on both of them so I took a picture of them side by side so that you can see I’ve made more progress on one.


I’ve still got a long way to go but seeing as I was flicking between the two balms instead of focusing on one, I’m happy with the progress made.


I was able to use a lot of this liner in December because I was wearing red lipstick to work almost every day leading up to Christmas. I don’t know how many more times I’ll be wearing red lipstick so I don’t know if I’ll see this kind of progress in the next update but I’m definitely going to give it my best shot.


Half way through the month, I found out some of my older MAC lipsticks had gone off and I wanted to try to wear them before they really needed to be binned but I changed my mind and just returned them to claim my free lipstick from Back to MAC, so that explains my scribble in my notebook. I’ve made a bit of progress on this and I’m honestly surprised about the progress I made considering I mainly wore red lipstick for work. Hoping to see double this progress in the next update.


Here are all of the items that you can’t see progress on. I’ve been using the Stila lipstick a fair bit and the eyeliner too but I have neglected the L’Oreal lipgloss. I’ve probably worn it twice, because I honesty hardly wear lipgloss. I’m going to try to wear it to work when I have my hair up because I can reapply it and it’s a work appropriate colour.


So that’s my first update! I’ve made some good progress on some products and overall, I do think this project is going much better than my first!

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Au revoir xxx

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