Best of 2016

Hi guys!

I know I just posted a December favourites post but I really wanted to get that out and then share my most favourite products of the whole year! I’ve been working on this list for the last month so I’ve really thought about everything and everything I’ve been consistently using and enjoying throughout the whole year! 2016 wasn’t the best year for me and it wasn’t for many people but there was a few positives and today I want to talk about them! I hope that you enjoy.



I’m going to start by talking about my favourite nail products because throughout the year, I really made an effort to do my nails as a way to stop biting them and this year, my nails are looking pretty damn great and I’m feeling really confident about how they look now.

1. Sally Hansen Kwik Dry Top Coat

This top coat is by far the best top coat I’ve used. Not only does it keep my nail polish from chipping but it really does dry my nails quickly, to the point where I’m quite comfortable to actually use my hands for things within half an hour of finishing my nails. I’m incredibly impatient when it comes to painting my nails and I’m definitely a fidgetter if I am made to sit still for long periods of time so this has been one of the best products of the year, without a doubt.

2. Sally Hansen Terra Coppa

This has been my most favourite glitter/metallic shade of the year, for sure. The shade is stunning and I think it looks great on everyone, and it really lasts. It makes me feel super glamourous and it was perfect to wear to work because it wasn’t too loud and didn’t clash with the jewellery I had to wear. If you don’t own this, you 100% need it. You can thank me later when your hands are god-tier beautiful.

3. Barry M Pit Stop

I never liked grey nail polish until I picked up this colour. I’m not even sure what it is about this shade that makes it so perfect but it looks so classy and simple on my nails without making me look like a corpse. It has just the right amount of warmth that I don’t look like a zombie and I feel as if it has a dash of lilac too. Either way, it’s stunning and the formula is fantastic.

4. Revlon Holographic Top Coat

You all know I love me some holographic goodness, and what would a ‘best of’ post be without some holographic realness included? I watched Simply Nailogical’s Best Holo top coat video to find an easily accessible, good quality holographic polish and this was the one that I found. My nails have honestly never been the same and I have to ban myself from trying to use it every week, just so I can get use out of my other polishes.

Now, I’m going to share my favourite body and skincare items. This year was defintely a big year for me discovering products that I love and want to continue using. I know the Priceline 40% off skincare became much more exciting for me than the 40% off of Makeup this year. I feel like I’ve really paid close attention to what my skin wants this year and I’ve collated a little list of my favourite products.

5. LUSH Buffy Body Conditioner

My lower leg dermatitis had been the biggest bitch until I received this product in November, this year. This product is so easy to use and has allowed me to be both confident showing my legs and comfortable, knowing that they won’t flare up easily anymore. If you suffer from dry skin, you cannot go past this product and others like it.

6. LUSH Sleepy Body Lotion

This has been a night-time staple for the last two months and I’m going to be very sad to see this product leave LUSH stores in January. The sweet lavender scent is so calming and the actual cream itself is very moisturising without being greasy.

7. Kosmea Rosehip Oil

I have been very spoiled with being able to try out this product this year. It is by far my favourite oil because I feel like it really gives me the results I’m after and actually sinks into my skin, unlike a few other rosehip oils I’ve tried. If you’re in the market for a new oil, don’t go past the Kosmea Rosehip oil. You will not regret it!

8. Stem Organics Fresh Start Serum

This was another item that I received from the Bloggers United Event in February and is another product that I really think helped my skin. My skin looked brighter and fresher every day and I really miss using this product. I definitely need to pick some up in the new year because it is absolutely fantastic.

9. Shanghai Lil and the Scarlet Fez Caramelised Fig Lip Balm

I’ve gone through many lip balms this year and the one that stuck out the most to me was the Shanghai Lil Caramelised Fig lip balm because it has a gorgeous scent and REALLY conditions the lips. I would slather on the stuff every night before bed and feel like 1 million dollars when I woke up. My lips are never dry anymore and I definitely have this balm to thank for it!

Next, I want to talk about my favourite makeup products of the year. I made a few discoveries that I was quite happy with and I’m excited to talk about them. I certainly wasn’t very motivated to purchase a lot of makeup this year, unlike previous years, but that was definitely due to me focusing a lot of time and energy away from beauty, since it is less essential than skincare. However, the 100 Days of Makeup challenge got me trying a lot of new products in different ways and I’ve definitely got a few favourites to share.

10. Barry M Flawless Face Primer

As soon as this was released in Australia, I was super interested in trying out one of Barry M’s face makeup products because I’m definitely better versed with their nail products. This primer is one of the best primers for locking in a foundation and reducing oil on the face. I would highly recommend this for someone with oily/combination skin because I do think this is the best primer that I’ve tried for oil control. I have it in the green corrector type but I don’t think that really helps any overall redness that I have. I definitely have to stick to a corrective concealer for that but as far as regular primer expectations go, this primer is fantastic and quite affordable!

11. MAC Star Trek Highlighter in Luna Luster

This was probably my most exciting purchase of the year because I’d been really tracking it once it was sneak peeked and then when it finally came out, my friend and I were on an absolute mission to purchase it before it sold out online. This is the most beautiful highlighter that I own, both physically and performance-wise. It gives such a natural glow to the skin, which I definitely prefer over metallic highlights. It is too bad that this was limited edition because it is absolutely flawless.

12. Ardell Demi 120 Lashes

These were an absolute staple for me this year and I used my pairs until they were really on their last legs. Ardell Lashes are fantastic quality and these lashes in particular give a natural but glamourous effect to any makeup look. I’d highly recommend picking these up.

Next, I want to talk about my favourite entertainment of the year. I’ve always tried to include my favourite song, tv show or movie of the month and I thought about including the things that really helped me get through this year!

13. Genghis Khan – Miike Snow

If you know me in person, this probably came as no surprise to you because I sing this song all the time and play it on repeat for hours on end. I’m even listening to it as I’m writing this post and I just can’t get over it! I love it so much and I hope that it makes it into the Triple J Hottest 100 next year!

14. Straight Outta Oz – Todrick Hall

This was hands down the best album of 2016 and was the first album that I’ve actually spent my own money on. Todrick Hall is an amazing musician and performer and I didn’t hesitate to support him when this album came out on itunes. Definitely give it a listen if you haven’t already. I definitely think there’s something for everyone on that album and there’s a lot of exciting feature artists on the album!

15. Downton Abbey

This damn show ripped me apart so many times this year. I abandoned it twice before sucking up and finishing it and I’m so glad that I did. I loved the way that it ended and I loved almost every minute of it haha. It was the show that really made me fall in love with that era and fall in love with the UK even more. If you’re up for a great period drama, definitely give it a go.

16. Ex Machina

Every time I think about this movie it gives me absolute chills. I watched it for the first time this year, a month after having a very suspiciously similar dream. I adore Oscar Isaac and Domhnall Gleeson so it was a really perfect fit for me and the storyline is just stunning. It really makes you think and question EVERYTHING, which I find are my favourite movies in general (lookin’ at you Mr. Nobody).

Lastly, I want to talk about my favourite moments of 2016. As I said in the intro, I didn’t have the best year but there are some highlights that I’m either really proud of or really enjoyed and I really wanted to share them with you all to end the year on a real positive!

17. I completed an Honours thesis

One of the reasons for this year being such a negative one for me had one of the best outcomes for my because all of the struggle turned into something that I’m quite proud of. I still haven’t really processed that I’ve finished the thesis and hopefully next year I’ll actually be able to get it professionally bound and looking really lovely.

18. I got my first job in nearly three years

Nothing made me happier this year than getting the call that I’d chosen to work as a Christmas casual at Pandora. It’s definitely been the best job that I’ve ever had and I’ll be so sad to leave in January but I’ll never forget the opportunity I was given to work for this fantastic company. If you see job applications for Pandora, frick off so I can apply, pls make sure you apply because you will not regret working for them.

19. I celebrated one year of being a vegetarian

Probably my biggest personal achievement this year was celebrating one year of being a vegetarian. I’ll admit, it’s not been easy health-wise for me but morally, it has been the absolute best decision I’ve ever made. It has made some situations a bit awkward (like Christmas, when everyone ate a beef lasagne and I waited for the second course), but I’ve not once craved or wanted to eat meat and I honestly cannot see myself going back to eating it.

20. I completed my first beauty challenge – 100 Days of Makeup

This challenge was one of the best things that I’ve ever done. While I was doing my thesis, I had a lot of spare time at home because I didn’t like going out and potentially wasting time that I could be spending writing and editing my thesis so I needed something to do that challenged me and kept me occupied. I tried so many new things, including some SFX makeup, and I’m really happy that I pushed myself to create different and exciting looks every day. I definitely want to do it again in the new year, if I can plan and have time set aside to do it!


Thanks for sticking with me for another year! I cannot wait to move into 2017!

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Au revoir xxx

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