December Favourites

Hi guys!

I debated whether or not to write this post because my next post is going to be my 2016 favourites but I didn’t want to just forget December as a month because there were some favourites that are specific to this month that wouldn’t necessarily make my 2016 favourites. I hope that you enjoy!



1. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Madrid

As you would have seen in my swatchfest post, I purchased the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Vault and in it, there were a lot of shades that I’d never tried on myself and one that I particularly fell in love with was the shade Madrid. It is a bit deeper than Monte Carlo but it isn’t too deep that it’s bordering vampy. It just has a nice depth to it that I really enjoyed. I wore it a lot for work and it never became uncomfortable or flaked off weird when I ate lunch. I’d definitely recommed it if you’re in the market for a really nice, comfortable, red shade.

2. Kate Hill Marley Bow Small Bag

I picked this bag up for work because I needed a small bag for when we had a lot of staff rostered on and not a lot of bag room in our staff room. This bag as two main compartments that I could easily fit in my essentials. It is also really cute and I think it really suits my style. I think it’s really practical for both work and every-day so I’m so glad I picked it up.

3. Inglot Duraline

I’ve been wanting this product for years, ever since I first bought pigments from Shiro Cosmetics, because I knew that it more or less made them budge-proof and with semi-hooded lids like mine, this meant that the pigments wouldn’t transfer to my brow bone! I’ve only used it in this way so far and for the most part, I’m enjoying it. I will be using it to rehydrate my brow pomades soon, I expect. I’m really happy with the product and it’s very cheap considering it’s probably going to last me my whole life!

4. LUSH Sleepy Body Lotion

This lotion has been a nightly staple for me and it’s definitely one that I need to pick up again before it goes out of stock. I really wish this wasn’t a holiday item from LUSH because I’ve grown a bit dependent on it’s calming quality and great results. I have lower leg dermatitis and this cream, along with Buffy, have really helped that and I’ve had very minimal irritation since I’ve combined these products!

5. Rokk96 polish in Ruby

I was on a mad hunt for the perfect sparkling red polish. I mentioned this in my last wishlist post and at that point, I assumed I’d purchase an indie brand from Femme Fatale but I ended up finding this little sparkly polish at Price Attack in my city. It isn’t like Sally Hansen’s Terra Coppa, which I was hoping for, but this polish on top of a red makes for such a gorgeous, festive nail. I even got my Mum to wear this for Christmas haha.

6. Scratch Marchin’ – Kormac

My brother showed me this song and while I know it isn’t new by any means, it’s definitely new to me and I just really love it. It’s so catchy and I love the Kermit sound bite used ❤

7. The Holiday

This holiday was the first time I watched this movie and it was my favourite new-to-me Christmas movie that I watched. It was really sweet and it had a lot of actors I really love in it.


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